OSL’s LifeGroups Ministry is back for fall 2017—and there’s a place for you!

LifeGroups are small groups (8 to 12 people) who gather regularly to connect relationally and grow spiritually. The group decides where and when to meet. Members study together, pray together, enjoy fellowship together, and serve together. LifeGroups help members go deeper in faith by connecting with other believers who also want to grow in their experience of God’s love.

LifeGroups are usually formed by someone who’s interested in connecting people with each other—so they’re called Connectors. Connectors invite others to be part of their group, or they help interested people find a group to join. LifeGroups are all about relationships!

A Typical LifeGroup Meeting follows a simple agenda as a way of being intentional about the time group members share together. A typical agenda includes:

• Gather – a time of greeting one another
• Connect – a time of sharing highs and lows since the last meeting
• Pray – a time when group members pray with and for each other
• Study/Serve – a time for growing in faith and
• Reflect – a time to answer the question, “So now what?”
• Food and Fun – a vital part of LifeGroups Ministry!
• Send – a time to pray one last time and bless each other

See what being a LifeGroup member is like this fall, during a miniseries on the movie The Shack. For three weeks, sermons will focus on several key themes from the movie in all weekend worship services. LifeGroups will then meet during the week to further explore each of the three themes. Discussion guides and other forms of support will be provided.

Looking for LifeGroups Study Guides for The Shack Sermon Series? Click below!

Want to learn more? Use the button below to send email — indicate if you’d like to have a Connector contact you about joining a LifeGroup, if you’d like to visit with someone about LifeGroups, of if you’d like to be a Connector yourself! Or you may call the Church Office, 336-2942.