Foundation Notes
Gifts to the OSLC Foundation from July 1, 2017, to January 8, 2018
To the Unrestricted Endowment
William and Joyce Schmidt
Jon and Julie Oien
Dan and Margretta Van Schepen
Charlie and Sonja Anderson
Evelyn Bergh Estate
To the Television Ministry Endowment
Darrell Svendsen Estate
Elva Budahl 100th Birthday
Robert and Joan Thimjon
In Memory of John Breesee
Beverly Hallstrom
In Memory of Don Hooper
Truman and Nancy Phelan
In Memory of Cheryl Dyvig
Steve and Susan Hauff
In Memory of Dot Thomas
Ronald and Martha Rossing
Robert and Joan Thimjon
Raymond and Joyce Engh
Sara Anne Ensberg
In Memory of Bob Axtell
Lloyd and Donna Knutson
In Memory of Julie Thomas
Carol Nielsen
Gayle Hooper
Lloyd and Donna Knutson
Robert and Luann Decker
In Memory of Michael Pearson
Carol Nielsen
Richard and Gloria Landborg
Robert and Luann Decker
Ruth Olsen
In Memory of Irene Peterson
Ronald and Martha Rossing
In Memory of Leo Schempp
Adeline Schempp

Memorial gifts and gifts to honor loved ones are heartfelt ways to say I love you. Sometimes conflicting emotions arise when we make these gifts for it is with sadness we are saying goodbye, while at the same time we rejoice in the promise of being united with Christ. We are grateful for all gifts given to the OSLC Foundation. Memorial cards are available at the Information Center or in the Church Office.