Let’s Continue to Live the Easter Story,
by Margot Nelson

Now that we have celebrated our risen Christ with music, flowers, and alleluias, we may need reminding that the message of the living Christ’s ongoing presence should continue to inform our daily lives—whether they be filled with joy or peppered with trials. For the jubilant times, we might continue with the Call to Worship used at Augustana Chapel last week (as I write this):

Trumpets sound.
Angels sing.
Christ is risen!
Christ is risen indeed!
Joy fills our innermost being.
Children giggle with delight.
Christ is risen!
He is risen!
Love dances on an empty tomb.
Death has lost its fearful grip.
Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed!
Butterflies burst free from cocoons.
Alleluias bounce off the walls.
Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed!

For those difficult times, Our Savior’s stands ready to walk beside you and embrace you through the pastoral staff, Faith Community Nurse, Stephen Ministers, and other connections you may have at OSL. As a reminder of the opportunities we have to connect each other to the comforting, strengthening, and healing power of the risen Christ, OSL will commission new Stephen Ministers later this month (postponed from last month because of the April 14–15 blizzard). Thanks be to God!!

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