Prayers by Justin Kosec

A Prayer for Those Supporting the Quarantined
God, you call us to serve one another, but we do not always know how to do this. We do not feel equipped or knowledgeable enough. We would like to give more help, but we are not powerful enough. We want to be closer to the ones we love, so help us understand that the decision to stay away is also an act of love. Give me patience and endurance. Multiply my productivity. And help (name) in every way I cannot. Amen.

A Prayer upon Entering Quarantine
God, many of your servants have faced times of exile, imprisonment, and isolation. You have been with them, and you have used those times to teach them. Go with me into the days ahead. And bless those who feel left behind when I am gone. These days, each of us makes sacrifices we do not want to make; and we fear things we cannot predict or understand. But you can heal us; and you are with us. Stay with us every hour. Amen.

A Prayer upon Ending Quarantine
Thank you, thank you, thank you: For the people who have cared for me; for the food and water that has kept me alive; for your company in these long days; and for this body you have raised to new life. Please care for those whose battle with this virus has cost more than it cost me. I will love this life, because you have given it to me. Thank you. Amen.

Week One
Day One
Reading: Psalm 118


God, give me strength in the days ahead. Calm me when I am worried. Make the hours pass quickly when I am bored. Carry me through when I cannot stand. Drive away the sickness in my body.

Day Two
Reading: Psalm 16

Holy Spirit, be with me today. I do not know how to do this. I do not know if I have prepared enough, because I do not know what to expect. But I am not alone, even when I feel alone.

Day Three
Reading: Psalm 114

Jesus, even though you were a powerful healer, you could do nothing for yourself when you died; you could only wait on God’s faithfulness. There is no remedy, no cure, no medicine for my illness; so I give myself to you.

Day Four
Reading: Psalm 116

God, I pray that you destroy evil things like illness, loneliness, hunger, and death. God, I thank you for simple things like water, breath, blankets, and sleep.

Day Five
Reading: Psalm 134

When nothing feels right, I must remember that you live inside me, Holy Spirit. My body is not a mystery to you. You know the things I wish I could say to others. You know what I badly want but cannot have. You know how slowly days pass in boredom. But you also know how to make me live again. Help me show others that I am still alive.

Day Six
Reading: Psalm 23

Risen Christ, you healed those who lingered on the brink of death. You brought back to life those who died. You know how I feel today. Bring me healing, too.

Day Seven

Reading: Psalm 100

God, it took you one week to create the world. It has been one week since I removed myself from it. How are you remaking me?

Week Two
Day Eight
Reading: Psalm 31

Abundant God, remind me that I am not doing this for myself, but because you have called us to love other people. Please keep others safe from this illness; and forgive me for those times when I have harmed people without knowing it. Give me patience in the week ahead.

Day Nine
Reading: Psalm 102

Jesus, I am in deep darkness. I am sick of this room. I feel like a stranger to myself. I do not like the way my skin feels or the way my mouth tastes. When the angel rolled the stone from your grave, how did you stand the daylight?

Day Ten

Reading: Psalm 66

If I can breathe, I can pray, O God. God, today I use my breath to say how I feel. Today I use my breath to thank you. Today I use my breath to remember that you will be with me, even when I give my last breath back to you.

Day Eleven

Reading: Psalm 93

You have given others great measures of your grace, just so I might live. I know some have prayed for me when I have not known it, because you have. I know others have been more patient with me than I deserved, because you are. I know I will live again, because you did. Thank you for the people who have supported me through this ordeal.

Day Twelve

Reading: Psalm 99

Wounded Healer, you could not unmake death without experiencing it. You could not heal the sick without a body that could experience disease. Help me reflect on my experience, so I can consider how to use it to serve the people you love.

Day Thirteen

Reading: Psalm 33

Today, I remember my lowest moments. I remember how loneliness has taught me about myself. I remember when I have seen mercy. I remember how you propped me up when I could not stand. I remember you are greater than I am.

Day Fourteen

Reading: Psalm 118

God, take me far away from these days of separation. But long after things feel normal again, when I am tempted to forget, remind me: for others, this is the way of life. Give me greater compassion for this world so I might see it through your eyes.
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