The Gift

The sights and sounds of Christmas are already everywhere. Lights glow outside people’s homes. The Sunday ads are taunting us with early deals. People are asking, “What do you want for Christmas?”

And, yet, for some, it is reminder of all that will not be.

Homelessness robs dreams of a bank account with any extra.

Being removed from the home strips wishes of warm fuzzies around the tree.

Abuse dissolves trust and belief that anyone cares.

As people of the cross we know that our Christmas hope is in so much more than twinkling lights and packages wrapped up in fanciful bows. Our every longing is met in a baby—Jesus—who came in a dark, untidy stable stall to bring light to our messy lives. We hold the unlikely place and smelly circumstance precious reminder that there is no space in our daily walk the Lord will not dwell.

The Prince of Peace always meets us where we are at.

And the result is love. The natural outflow of Jesus coming to us is overwhelming desire to be there for others. Filled with the promise of the Baby King, we want others to know peace. In being cared for in our brokenness, we seek breaking bread with the suffering. When happiness has been multiplied by a God who celebrates us, we cherish dancing on the mountaintops with the elated.

Divine love motors earthly love.

One gift always makes way to the next.

This is what makes the Angel Tree and selfless giving magical. For children who have been stung by life hurt, where darkness and messiness abound, an unexpected gift translates to you matter, and the possibility to believe that life holds richer buds with potential. Moved by a stranger who has loved them enough to provide joy and treasure them in the midst of their experience, our gift points to the Gift.

How could we pass that up?

melissaMelissa Nesdahl
Director of Faith Formation