Although an uncomfortable topic of discussion for many of us, discussing end of life wishes with those we love is an important way for each of us to show our love for one another.

It is inevitable for all of us that there will come a time when our work in this life is over, and we will rest in the promises of God’s eternal kingdom. None of us knows for sure when that time will come for us, or for those we love, so making our wishes known for that time now will help those we love deal with the difficult decision they will have to make then.

Recently, as our world has walked through the uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the topic of Advanced Care Planning has come to the forefront again. Some families have had to face difficult decisions due to the sudden illness and death of their loved ones. This is an especially hard thing for families to do when they did not know the wishes of their loved one prior to this time. The burden of not knowing has made a tragic time even more difficult.

Faith Community Nurses, hospitals, medical professionals, and church leaders have again realized the need to uplift the importance of Advanced Care Planning in light of the current pandemic, but it is not limit to the unique circumstances of this day. Honest, open conversations with our loved ones about our life, and death, help us navigate in a healthy, healing way through all of these times of our life, together. Our hope is that you will take the time to have these conversations together now.

If you would like more information on how to begin these conversations with those you love, we have resources for you in the Spiritual Care office of Our Savior’s that will help guide your conversations together. You may call any of our Spiritual Care ministry team, 336-2942, and we will help you find the right information for you. Also, I invite you to check out the links to resources provided by Sanford and Avera hospitals, and a link also to a story by KELO News that highlights this topic as well, all excellent resources. Use the buttons on this page to access those items.

May God bless you and your conversations, and may the promise of the Christ to, “always be with you,” be your comfort and peace, for today, and for tomorrow!

In Christ,

Pr. Tim Lemme