Fit to Knit?
If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, OSL’s Prayer Shawl Ministry is always looking for help keeping the closet full of beautiful shawls to be given as a blessing.

You may help by crocheting or knitting a prayer shawl of any color or design (some patterns are available for download at or 336-2942, ext. 48.
An Egg-cellent Note of Thanks
On behalf of the Faith Temple Food Giveaway, I would like to thank all of you for bringing empty egg cartons to the church for me to pick up and take out to this event. We get around 6,000 dozen small eggs a week, so we need a lot of cartons. They even use the egg dividers that the eggs come in and rubber-band hand-cut cardboard tops to hold the eggs in place.

We will take as many egg cartons as we can get because of the need. We are averaging around 500 people a week, and this includes volunteers that go through the line. It is such a worthwhile program, sponsored by a small congregation, and relies on contributions from people. Hopefully a fundraiser will happen in the future to further this great program and service to those who need it.

Once again, thank you to the Our Savior’s congregation for your support by bringing in egg cartons. They can be left in the Church Office anytime during regular business hours, or in one of the empty bins by the Library.

God’s blessing on all of you.
Ed Elkins
Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexel
Women’s Spring Table Gala
Decorate a theme table and invite your friends to the Women’s Spring Table Gala on Saturday, April 18, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. A variety of table sizes will be available to decorate.

Trish Syverson will be the guest speaker, with a program titled “Hats Off to Women.”

The deadline to reserve a table is March 22. Contact Cindy Nassen, 212-5792, or Janiece Peterson, 351-8155.

Theology Tapped
Don’t miss Theology Tapped, an engaging conversation on matters of faith and life in a fun, informal setting, with Pr. Randy. This month’s installment will be on Thursday, March 26, from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m., at Monk’s House of Ale Repute, 420 E. 8th St.

Ins and Outs: Keyless Door Access
You’ve probably noticed the little boxes that have appeared on various entryways at OSL—they’re part of a keyless door-access system that’s been installed over the past several months (it’s a bit of a project!) and now is up and running. The main advantage, from an administrative perspective, is to help monitor all the ins and outs at OSL, what with all the events and activities that take place here all the time, and to relieve the anxiety that occurs whenever a key (of which there are many) goes missing: if a door-access fob is lost, it can simply be deactivated by computer.

What does this mean for you? Well…nothing, probably: it mostly has to do with unlocking the building in the morning and closing it up again at night, and thus is primarily an issue for OSL staff. But now when someone asks you what those little boxes on certain door frames are for, you can tell them!

Have Something to Eat!
OSL Food Ministry serves breakfast on Sundays in The Gathering Place, starting at 9:30, and Wednesday supper starting at 5:00. All are welcome!

OSL Food Ministry is entirely supported by freewill donations. Thank you for your $6 contribution to cover expenses. Here are the March menus (subject to change):

Sunday Breakfasts
1 – Scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted potatoes, orange juice, yogurt, donut holes, and coffee
8 – Eggbake, orange juice, yogurt, donut holes, and coffee
15 – Scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted potatoes, orange juice, yogurt, donut holes, and coffee
22 – Breakfast pizza, orange juice, yogurt, donut holes, and coffee
29 – Authentic Mexican breakfast, prepared and served by friends from Pueblo de Dios

Wednesday Suppers
Soup and pie for the whole month

On the Search
OSL’s Governing Board will be appointing a Call Committee to conduct a search for OSL’s next Pastor of Youth and Family. The committee will be comprised of seven members plus the Senior Pastor, and will be appointed by the board at an upcoming meeting. To nominate someone or to submit your name for consideration, contact the Church Office, 336-2942.

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