New New Member Classes
You know OSL is a large congregation. So when you join OSL as a new member, how do you get involved? How do you get to know that nice family four rows in front of you? How do you ever find the Woodshop—and once you do, will you ever find your way back?

This month, prospective new members can discover the answers to these questions (and more!) through OSL’s totally revamped three-part New Member Class, which will emphasize relationships and engagement:

    • Wednesday, November 6 (Session 1, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.): New members eat dinner together; then meet the pastors and other friendly faces they’ll likely see around church.
    • Wednesday, November 13 (Session 2, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.): New members eat dinner together; then investigate Wednesday night OSL experiences that most interest them, from Bible studies to the Library and Woodshop.
    • Wednesday, November 20 (Session 3, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.): New members eat dinner together; then complete the course with a specially crafted miniature worship service.

Each session will build on the previous sessions, so attendees must participate in the full course. If you’re already involved at OSL and want to meet new members, contact Pr. Justin, 336-2942, ext. 44 or

November 24 Is Blessing Bag Sunday!
As Pr. Tim notes in From the Pastor, all month at OSL we’ll hear how we belong to each other and to God. But we also know that many beyond our walls long for a sign that they belong—they wonder if anyone remembers them, or if anyone cares.

And so, OSL’s Caring Ministries team will assemble a list of all our shut-in friends—people who love this church community but rarely, if ever, get to leave their homes. The team will carefully map out where each of these people live.

Then, on Sunday, November 24, you can stop by the Blessing Bag table in The Gathering Place to take a small blessing (including puzzles, hot cocoa, and more) to these friends. Just pick up one bag, select the part of town where you live, and drop off the bag with our shut-in friend on your way home.

Sometimes it’s a little awkward. But rarely has it been so easy to show someone that they belong to us, and to God.

Kids Eat Free in November
OSL’s Food Ministry team always works to keep meal costs affordable, and meals are always freewill—people contribute whatever they can joyfully give.

You already know that kids love to eat the great food served at Our Savior’s on Wednesdays and Sundays. This month, in celebration of OSL’s core value of Community, we’re going further to bring the family together around the breakfast or dinner table here at Our Savior’s: This November, kids confirmation age and under eat free at Our Savior’s—all month long!

Kids Eat Free is co-sponsored by OSL’s Love in Action and Discipleship Core Ministry Teams.

Theology Tapped
If you’re looking for engaging conversation on matters of faith and life in a fun, informal setting—and who isn’t?—join Pr. Randy (yep, he'll be back from sabbatical) for Theology Tapped!

And to make things even more interesting, the November meet-up will be on December 5, because of Thanksgiving the previous week. So head to Monk’s House of Ale Repute, 420 E. 8th St., for the next Theology Tapped, on Thursday, December 5, from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m.

OSL Angel Tree: Same Tree, Different Time
This year’s Angel Tree is appearing early! Beginning on November 3, you will be able to take cards from the tree to support children and families with the ministries OSL has built relationships with—Lutheran Social Service, Children’s Home Society, VOA (Volunteers of America) Dakotas and VOA Youth Center (formerly known as the Bowden Youth Center), and The Community Outreach.

Why the early start for the Angel Tree? Because this year OSL is adding Sharing Christmas to the mix, in continued support of this congregation’s commitment to help individuals become self-sufficient. A partnership with The Community Outreach, Sharing Christmas gives people the opportunity to shop for brand-new toys for their children, at ten percent of the item’s retail value. This promotes pride and dignity while allowing families to use their money where it is most needed. And it fits in loving connection with OSL’s relationship to people living in the Hezekiah House properties. These gifts will be shared on cards, like all other gifts.

Since The Community Outreach will be distributing Sharing Christmas gifts the first week of December, OSL’s Angel Tree will be up November 3 through November 24, with gifts due back to OSL by November 25. Gifts will then be dispersed to the appropriate organizations in plenty of time for them to prepare for their Christmas celebrations.

Thank you for stopping at the tree in the south entrance, near the Library, and selecting a card or cards to bless those who may not otherwise receive a gift this Christmas. You are making a difference in the life of another!

Have Something to Eat!
OSL Food Ministry serves breakfast on Sundays in The Gathering Place, starting at 9:30, and Wednesday supper starting at 5:00. All are welcome! Thank you for contributing to the freewill offering to help cover expenses.

Here are the November menus (subject to change):

Sunday Breakfasts
3 – Bacon, scrambled eggs, roasted diced potatoes, yogurt, orange juice, and donut holes (sponsored by the OSLC Foundation)
10 – Cheese omelets, sausage patties, yogurt, orange juice, and donut holes
17 – Bacon, scrambled eggs, roasted diced potatoes, yogurt, orange juice, and donut holes
24 – Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, yogurt, orange juice, and donut holes

Wednesday Suppers
6 – Pork loin, loaded potatoes, green beans, hot buns and butter, tossed salad, and dessert
13 – Scalloped potatoes and ham, peas, hot buns and butter, tossed salad, and dessert
20 – German meatballs, mashed potatoes, carrots, hot buns and butter, tossed salad, and dessert
27 – Soup and Pie Dinner (Thanksgiving eve)

Friendship Club Lunch
19 – Traditional Thanksgiving meal

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