Embrace the Question
Lent Devotion Guide

An Introduction
A question shows distance between me and you—but it can also bring us closer together.

This Lent at Our Savior’s, we will read stories from scripture where people have back-and-forth conversations with God. These conversations are filled with questions. God often asks questions to draw closer. We will read conversations where people use questions to interrogate; or to express their confusion or doubt in God. At times, they even fail to ask their questions at all.

In this devotion guide, you will find one longer reading for each week. Then, each day of the week, you can ponder one of the questions from that longer reading, provided with further questions to aid your reflection.

There’s no wrong way to use these questions. Let them prompt your journaling. Talk about them with your family at the kitchen counter. Read a question in the morning and ponder it in a quiet moment.

Above all, let these questions—those others ask of God, and those you have carried yourself—draw you closer into conversation with God and with others.

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