From the Pastor
A Time to Remember
That We Are Never Alone

Pr. Tim Lemme

What does it mean to “belong” to the Body of Christ? What does it mean to know that in a world filled with uncertainties and fears you are part of the Family of God? What does it mean for all of us to know that we are not alone?

Throughout the month of November, we will explore these questions and many more through a worship and preaching series, Belong. Each week’s sermons will focus on issues of loneliness and belonging, and how we as God’s people find the comfort and support we need during the difficult times of life. We will also explore how we are called to be that source of comfort and support to others.

Belong will begin on All Saints Weekend, November 2 and 3, a time in which we will remember in our worship services those who have died this past year. This is a powerful worship experience indeed, but for some it can also be a time of grief and sorrow, a time in which you may find yourself feeling alone.

But we are never alone! God’s love is always near us, a promise of grace that will never leave our side. As we remember those who were witnesses to the faith and who now rest in God’s eternal kingdom, we look around our worship space and are reminded too of the presence of God we see in the faces of those we call our brothers and sisters in Christ. We belong to this Family of God, and throughout the month of November we will be reminded of that once again.

In addition to the preaching and worship
series this month, there also will be several adult-education opportunities on Sunday mornings between services, from 10:00 to 10:50, in the Chapel:

    • November 3: Caring Ministries will host an informative session on the many support services at Our Savior’s, how you can benefit from them, and how you can participate in these ministries.

    • November 10: Stephen Ministries Awareness Sunday. Come learn the history of the Stephen Ministry Program at OSL. See how this program can assist you, or someone you know, or see if you would like to be part of the Stephen Ministries team.

    • November 17: The Holiday Season is a time of joy and celebration for many people, but for others, the holidays can be a time of sadness and loneliness. No matter how you may be feeling, whether you need support, or know somebody who does, come and learn about ways in which all of us can find the support we need to navigate through this time of year.


In addition to these Sunday morning educational opportunities, Pr. Justin will be providing a resource guide for LifeGroups to use throughout this month, which will speak directly to the preaching series and what it means to Belong. If you are not part of a LifeGroup already, now is the time to join one! Contact Pr. Justin, or 336-2942, ext. 44, for more information on how you may belong to a group.

I hope you will find the Belong series a meaningful time for you. May it be a reminder to all of us of how blessed we are to be part of this Family of God we call Our Savior’s! You are a blessing to those around you, and you are loved! You Belong indeed!

—Pr. Tim Lemme

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