From the Pastor
Changing Young People’s Lives
Pr. Sami Johnson

Each summer, the lives of Our Savior’s young people are changed through their experiences on summer trips through OSL Youth Ministry. They grow in confidence, develop new skills, discover new passions, expand their view of the world, and deepen their relationships with God and one another.

These experiences make meaningful memories, but that is not all. After entertaining nursing home residents by playing the piano and singing songs in Minneapolis last summer, two rising high-schoolers decided to join the Celebrate Band when they got home. Meaningful care facility experiences for many of the students have led to a developing long-term relationship between the Middle and High School Youth Groups and Luther Manor.

At the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, we had the opportunity to delve into relevant and challenging topics at the Mass Gathering each night. These talks continued into the wee hours and made for a safe place for hard questions and discoveries about God and the complex and diverse world we live in. Many of the students who attended this triennial event are now involved in leadership through Peer Ministry and the Youth Leadership Team. Their experiences and perspectives have allowed us to go deeper in our conversations since we’ve been back at home.

In 2019, the high-schoolers are looking forward to pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits by hiking the stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado. They will serve one another through encouraging words, helping hands to overcome physical obstacles, and daily tasks at the campsite. They will meet God in the beauty of creation and in the love of those around them.

Middle- and high-schoolers will go to Minneapolis for a new type of community service trip this year. They also will serve one another through daily tasks like cooking and cleaning up after one another, and they will undoubtedly step out of their comfort zones when they are called on to serve adults and children at their service sites each day. Their daily itineraries will also include worship and fun excursions around the area.

These students work hard to prepare for these trips, give up a week of their summer break, and actively participate in fundraising, but these trips would not be possible without your prayerful and financial support as well. As we look forward to our trips to Duluth, Minnesota, and Rainbow Trail in Hillside, Colorado, John and I and the 45 youths and adults who will be attending the summer trips will need your help to bring the cost of these trips within reach for everyone.

Your first opportunity to help with this effort is the upcoming Silent Auction. There are two ways you can help make this event a success. First, you will be invited to check out the items and make bids during regularly scheduled weekly programming from February 16 through March 3. You can expect to find some gift cards from your favorite Sioux Falls businesses, some unique handmade items, decorative edible baskets, as well as other specialty themed baskets.

Second is the return of the Silent Auction Banquet and Youth Talent Show, on Sunday, March 3. The doors will open and final bidding will begin at 5:00 p.m.; dinner will begin at 5:30; bidding will close and the show will begin at 6:00. You can look forward to a delicious meal with dessert, followed by some special entertainment by our exceedingly talented youth and some comic relief from our emcees. Last year, the audience left with feelings of pride and amazement at the depth of talent displayed by our young people. This year, you will also have the opportunity to leave the banquet with the items you have won from the auction. Banquet tickets will be available from February 16 through March 3, for $15 each.

Thank you in advance for your support of our youth, yet again, as they set out in faith to encounter God through these unique summer experiences.

—Pr. Sami Johnson,
Pastor of Youth and Family

December 23, 2018
Daschle Arthur Cotton, the son of Eric and Karla Cotton.

December 29, 2018
Ripley Lyle Olson, the son of Nic and Alyssa Olson.

January 6, 2019
Corban Judson Selzler and Kiri Ladena Selzler, the children of Kymberlee Selzler.
Thomas Johnson Rallis, the son of Michael and Jill Rallis.

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December 16, 2018
Flowers are given in memory of Julie Thomas, whose birthday would have been on December 16, by her family.

December 23, 2018
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January 13, 2019
Telecasts are sponsored in loving memory of Warren Jensen, whose birthday would be January 10, by his family.

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