From the Pastors
Embrace the Question…
by Pr. Justin Kosec and Pr. Sami Johnson

A good question can reveal the truth.

A good question can prompt something new about a person we’ve known for years.

A good question can teach us about ourselves.

If you could ask God any question, what would it be? Perhaps more importantly, if God could ask you a question, what do you think God would ask?

This Lent at Our Savior’s, we will Embrace the Question…, exploring just what kind of questions people asked Jesus. In longer scripture readings that will center our worship experience on Sunday mornings, and through more in-depth exploration through prayer and study in our Wednesday evening worship services, we will see that conversation with Jesus was always engaging, interesting, and full of twists and turns.

In the Bible, we will discover moments when people came to Jesus with deep questions about God, only to find Jesus had turned the conversation back at them with his own curious questions. We will confront the terrible ways certain religious people can use questions to harm and interrogate others. We will even hear that Jesus has some of the same questions about the world that we do—even though Jesus was also God.

Often, questions can serve to divide us—to show how far apart we feel from one another, and to separate the people who feel ignorant from those who seem in the know. This Lent, though, we will discover that when God is part of the conversation, questions almost always draw us closer to each other and closer to God.

We’re excited for you to join us on this Lenten journey, where every person—and every question—has a place in the conversation with God.

January 5
Bodie Miles Missal, whose parents are David and Sarah Missal. Sponsors are the Tara and Scott Petersen family.

January 12
Flowers in the Sanctuary and a telecast gift were given in loving memory of Warren Jensen, whose birthday was January 10, by his family.

January 19
Flowers in the Celebrate Center are given by Jim and Catherine Nelson in memory of their great-grandson, Witten Klingenberg, who would have been one year old on January 19.

Flowers in the Sanctuary and Celebrate Center are given in memory of Evelyn Wierenga, whose funeral will be Sunday, January 19, by her family.

January 19
Telecasts are sponsored in loving memory of Lou Madsen, from Helen Madsen and family.

January 26
Telecasts are sponsored by Bryan Peters, Lori Melin, and Safe-N-Secure Security Equipment, in memory of Marilyn Peters.

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