It’s time for episode five of Hear and Know, a podcast from Our Savior’s.

Continuing the theme of students interrogating interviewing their parents, this episode has Bergen Quello sit down with her mom, Susan. Halfway through the conversation, Susan turns the tables and asks her some of those same deep questions.

Here is episode four of Hear and Know, Our Savior’s podcast.

In this installment, Lydia Nelson interviews her mom, Melissa. You’ve already heard kids talk to pastors. What happens when we turn them loose on their parents?

These were supposed to be conversations, but you’ll notice that Lydia prefers a different approach we might kindly call…interrogation.

In episode three of Hear and Know, Our Savior’s podcast, Pr. Justin Kosec and Pr. Tim Lemme talk to Kyan Carlson and Bergen Quello, two students from the OSL Confirmation program.

Prior to the recording, they discussed their favorite Mexican food. Here are the results: Bergen: Chicken enchiladas; Kyan: Steak enchiladas; Tim: Tiny flautas; Justin: Tiny chimichangas

On tape, they discus much more than Mexican menus. Have a listen!

In episode two of Hear and Know, Our Savior’s new podcast, Pr. Justin Kosec speaks with Lydia Nelson and Anna Leuning, two students from the OSL Confirmation program. Have a listen!
Hear and Know is Our Savior’s new podcast! In the first episode, Pr. Justin Kosec interviews Pr. Sami Johnson about her faith story and call to ministry. Give it a listen!