Photo of Sound Board
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is hiring operators for the worship screens and sound boards. Be part of the team that helps make worship engaging and meaningful for all who attend. The current pay is $14.50 per service.

Sound Board Operator
This position requires some training with our team and good listening skills. Sound board operators set up the board before worship and conduct sound checks to be sure that everything in worship will be heard clearly. Funerals ($75), weddings ($100), and other events ($25 per hour) are also available when your training is complete.

Media Operator
This position requires some training to run the worship presentation on the screens. Basic computer skills are required. The media presentations are created by the worship media team leaders. The media operators open the presentations and advance slides during worship with a single click.

To join up or learn more, contact Gene LeVasseur, Director of Worship, 605-336-2942 or