Ministry Spotlight:
From the OSL Staff: Christmas Greetings, and Blessings to You in the New Year!

Right on time, Christmas arrives.

A year ago, it was not possible for the staff of Our Savior’s (or even most of the staff ) to gather for a group photo to send you Christmas greetings and New Year’s blessings—a considerable improvement over the conditions of last December!

OSL Staff Photo
Our Savior’s Staff, from left: Bill Reynolds, Communications Director; Anthony Waba, Custodian; Deb Harlan, Caring Ministries Director; Deanna Wehrspann, Music and Worship Professional; Tim Lemme, Pastor of Caring Ministries; Gene LeVasseur, Director of Worship and Music; Jana Keller, Library Coordinator; Randy Gehring, Senior Pastor; Barb Haugan, Business Administrator; Chris Larson, Principal Organist; John Schomberg, Director of Youth Ministry; Debbie Theis, Food Coordinator; Seraphina Kosec (and Justin, Pastor of Outreach and Communication), Loretta Nelson, Congregational Life Coordinator; Michelle Anderson, Faith Community Nurse

Not pictured: Renee Aaker, Office Manager; Nicole Mindt, Youth Coordinator/Financial Assistant; Melissa Nesdahl, Director of Faith Formation; Denny Gale, Celebrate Band Coordinator; Rolfe Johnstad, Visitation Pastor; Maribeth Anderson, Visitation Minister

Of course, we are still removed from a return to what we like to think of as “normal”: COVID-19 still dominates headlines, illness rates have risen again in various locations, Delta and Omicron variants have caused concern. But at the same time, COVID vaccines have proved themselves to be highly effective in combating the virus, especially when combined with the habits we have formed over the past year or more: masking where appropriate, social distancing, careful hand washing, and so on.

And welcome signs of “normal” have resumed in our lives— resuming in-person worship services and activities at Our Savior’s (not the least, celebrating OSL’s 75th anniversary this October), returning to schools and workplaces, venturing out to restaurants and movie theatres, and making a good-faith effort to, well, keep the faith, soldiering on in the knowledge that, come what may, we have the unfailing love and support of a God who consistently urges us to fear not.

And so, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone on staff at Our Savior’s! May God’s peace sustain you in all you do, may good health be yours, and may we all give thanks for the many blessings that shower us all year long!

Be well—and enjoy these photos of Our Savior’s “decked halls,” on this page as well as on the cover of this month’s Intercom. The decorations are the work of many dedicated volunteers.

Photo of Christmas Decorations 2021 - Sanctuary
Photo of Christmas Decorations 2021 - Organ Loft
Photo of Christmas Decorations 2021 - The Gathering Place
Photo of Christmas Decorations 2021 - Celebrate Center

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