Ministry Spotlight:
A Letter from the Congregation President

January 2022

Dear OSL,

As we enter 2022, we are filled with hope and renewal and gratitude for the gifts God has given to each of us. A look back on the past year finds us once again being flexible to the ever-changing demands of the pandemic. Photo of Allison SahlyOur TV ministry and our congregation’s compliance to mask-wearing and social distancing has allowed us to remain connected to God’s world, even during these uncertain times. In addition, our staff has been instrumental in adapting to the necessary changes as we carry out our vision and mission in our church and in our community. These are all things we can give thanks for as we look ahead to the coming year.

Despite the threat of the pandemic, Our Savior’s was able to celebrate our rich 75-year history. So many individuals worked collectively to acknowledge this huge milestone. Many thanks to all who contributed to this event. We also completed the bell tower renovation project and most recently enhanced the Celebrate Center with the installation of new digital video screens.

What will the next 75 years look like? The future of our church is bright. We are entering the season of strategic planning to ensure that our church continues to grow and to thrive and to do what it takes to carry out God’s work. The Governing Board and key staff members will be devoting an entire day to strategic planning, along with the help of a consultant, in early March. We invite our members to participate by providing feedback when asked as part of this process.

Finally, I invite you to the annual congregational meeting, which will be held on Sunday, January 30, 2022, with a lunch gathering before the 12:30 meeting. This is a time to celebrate our shared ministry, receive important updates from each of our committees, hear a financial update from our treasurer, and elect a new secretary to the Governing Board. This is an opportunity for both fellowship and enlightenment and I hope you will join us.

May God richly bless you and your family as we enter the New Year.


Alison Sahly

Ministry Spotlight:
Church Leadership 101

The first cohort of OSL’s Discover Leadership Development Academy has completed training. Discover, a ten-month journey of learning and exploration, is intended for lay people who sense the Holy Spirit nudging them to serve as a leader in the church. The program, which got underway in February 2021 with Pr. Randy Gehring at the helm, is designed to equip and empower individuals through a guided journey of spiritual growth, self-discovery, and learning about leadership, communication, diversity, and governance.

Upon the conclusion of Discover’s inaugural session, Pr. Randy invited the participants to share their impressions. Here’s what they had to say:

Ryan Oorlog: This opportunity helped me to discover qualities and skills about me that I didn’t know I had. It Ryan Oorloghas helped me grow in my spirituality, my personal connection with God, and my confidence in accepting the nudge of the Holy Spirit where it is guiding me to serve. The group of individuals I took this journey with have become more than acquaintances: I consider them part of my very close faith family through the bond we have all made. If you have any hesitations about if this program is right for you, I offer this advice: comfort and growth don’t coexist. Take a chance and step outside the comfort zone, you won’t regret it.

Gene LeVasseur: Discover Leadership Development Academy, led by Pr. Randy, Photo of Gene LeVasseurwas well worth the investment of my time. I grew in my relationships with myself, my coworkers, and my God throughout the entire process. Having a small group to discuss the books, articles, and Bible study helped answer many questions I had as well as create new questions that I hadn’t thought of. After all of it I am absolutely more equipped to serve God in ministries at the church and life outside of the church. Thank you!

Carrie Aaron: Where do I fit in my church besides in the congregation during services? How can I best use Photo of Carrie Aaronthe skills and talents that God has given me? As a part of the first cohort, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know other OSL members better, exploring my strengths, and learning more about OSL. Join the next cohort of the Leadership Development Academy to learn more about yourself and how best to use your God-given gifts in our world.

Gretta Melsted: The Leadership Development Academy is a great way to Photo of Gretta Melsteddevelop meaningful relationships with other OSL members, to deepen, develop and discover your own strengths and areas of calling in church ministry, and to learn more about yourself as a leader and person. This course helped me grow as a person, a child of God, and as a congregant of OSL. It is truly an enriching experience and I would encourage anyone who would like to grow in both their faith and in service to the church to get involved.

A new cohort of Discover Leadership Development Academy will be formed this year. Contact Pr. Randy to learn more: 605-336-2942 or

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