Ministry Spotlight:
Fall Generosity Revival:
Giving to God, Growing Our Impact
If you’re reading this, you are either a member or friend of Our Savior’s, one of many partners whose support is crucial to carrying out our mission to proclaim Christ and nurture faith that connects to everyday life. Thank you for your faithful support. Together we make an impact in many peoples’ lives through a multifaceted ministry and that impact is growing as participation in congregational life is slowly increasing following nearly three years of pandemic-related uncertainties.

This ministry is made possible through generous donations of all sizes from folks from all walks of life. Without sufficient contributions, the impact of our ministry is reduced. However, when OSL members and friends like you pool their resources in a spirit of generosity, the vision we hold close to our hearts of connecting faith to everyday life becomes a blessing for all whose lives are touched by the mission we share.

The reality we are living with right now is that the income we are receiving through contributions is falling short of what is needed to fully fund our vision for ministry.

This table helps illustrate our current situation:

Weekly Giving at OSL
More than half of OSL households are contributing less than $5.00 per week. About 70% of OSL households are contributing less than $20.00 per week.

By comparison, our annual ministry plan (budget) calls for an investment of about $1.9 million from its ministry partners. While that’s a large number, when it is shared equally among all OSL households, it averages out to $27.00 per week per household.

It is true that we voted at the congregational meeting in July to adopt a ministry plan with an operating deficit, but the message we heard loud and clear from those in attendance was twofold:
1. As a congregation in mission together, we do not want to reduce the impact of our ministry; and
2. Many hands make light work.

In that spirit of rising to meet this challenge, and at a time of gathering the harvest and giving thanks to God for an abundance of blessings, every member and friend of Our Savior’s is called to consider prayerfully whether increasing their investment in the ministry we share is an opportunity for them this fall. A 10 to 20% increase in the amount invested will expand our ministry impact by:
• fully funding our Youth and Family Ministry, including hiring a Director of Youth Ministry and calling a Pastor of Youth and Family;
• broadening the reach of our Spiritual Care Ministry by hiring a Faith Community Nurse;
providing a full-service nursery during worship for families with young children;
developing our broadcast and streaming options for worship to achieve greater audience engagement through more interaction; and more.

Our Savior’s has experienced seasons of challenge in the past but has always risen to the occasion and, with God’s guidance and providing, found a way to continue serving the mission God has entrusted to this congregation.

We now have that same opportunity; this is our time to “let go, trust God, and rise up” so that this ministry God has called us to provide will continue to impact the world with a message of gospel hope. Will you be part of this generosity revival?

As you lift up this opportunity in your prayer life, you may find the table below helpful in discerning your level of support. Regardless of the amount of your gift, know without a doubt that any gift given to God in faith will become a God-sized blessing through this ministry we share in a world filled with suffering and pain.

Giving Table

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