Ministry Spotlight:
Your Gifts Make a Difference:
Our Savior’s Confirmation Class of 2022
Congratulations and blessings to these young students who have completed this important step in their faith journey.

And thank you, family, friends, and members of Our Savior’s faith community, for your unflagging support of them on their journey and throughout their lives. Your gifts do make a difference!

Photo of Molly Leuning
Molly Leuning
“From confirmation I really gained better friendships with people I would never have known. Also, I learned stuff that could help me in school and some skills that will really help me thrive in the real world.” —Molly Leuning
Photo of Ailina McAdaragh
Ailina McAdaragh
Photo of Lily Austin
Lily Austin
Photo of Lauren Castle
Lauren Castle
Photo of Alex Rallis
Alex Rallis
“What I’ve gained from confirmation is, one, growing even closer to God and, two, trusting God in the worst times and the best times and just all the time.” —Alex Rallis
Photo of Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly
Photo of Ella Lunder
Ella Lunder
Photo of Julia Hedrick
Julia Hedrick
“What I’ve gained from this experience is a better relationship with God, and I’ve definitely created new friendships that I wouldn’t have made in the past.” —Julia Hedrick
Photo of Emma Adams
Emma Adams
Photo of Hannah Nesdahl
Hannah Nesdahl
Photo of Gracelynn Hill
Gracelynn Hill

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