A Homework Assignment

The Good News is that Jesus is God’s gift of love for all people.
How is God broadening your faith to see God’s work in all people?
As a result, how is God calling you to cross borders and break down barriers?

From Pr. Randy Gehring:

“This weekend, I told everyone that I was giving them an assignment: to think about and respond to the question, How is God at work in you, broadening your faith and leading you to cross borders and break down barriers? Then I told them I would put it out there on the website and send it to folks via Facebook and email with the hope that they will send me their story of what God is up to in their life that ‘conveys that the Good News about Jesus is God’s gift of love for all people.’”

To tackle this optional homework assignment, you’ll probably want to review Pr. Randy’s sermon from May 19. Videos of the Festive and Celebrate worship services are here. Start times for the reading and sermon are indicated. Or you may use the button below to go straight to the reading and sermon from Sunday’s Festive worship service.

When you’ve completed your homework—preferably before Pentecost Sunday (June 9)—send it to Pr. Randy, 909 W. 33rd St., Sioux Falls, 57105, or rgehring@oslchurch.com) so that they know where to send the finished product. Pr. Randy hopes to be able to use some of your stories in his Pentecost Sunday sermon.

Good luck! (Not that you’ll need it!)