Advent Day 10 – Tuesday, December 5

Hi. Right now I am going to share a story with you that was so special to me.

A crazy day was finally over at school. While I was in directed studies, through the intercom I heard the lady talking. The problem was my class is so noisy that I could only catch little parts of what she was saying. “Outside of school… you may take one if you want.” That’s all I heard. Not really caring, I rushed to my locker. I took my backpack and binder, and again rushed to the bus. I wanted a good seat.

After I was outside, I saw maybe five men. They were all wearing suits, and they were giving something out to everyone. I started walking in the direction of my bus, then realized they were giving out New Testament Bibles. Immediately I stood in front of one of the tall men, and he gave me a Bible. I smiled, said thank you, then got onto the bus. I did get a good seat. 😉

I thought that this was exactly what God wants. To spread the word about him, and share love with others. It was just like what we talked about in confirmation, advertising God. This was the way that I saw God’s presence.

Grace Nesdahl

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