Advent Day 16 – Monday, December 11

God speaks to us in many different ways and at many different times.

One example of a time where I felt him with me was a
random moment recently where I felt called to reach out to a friend of mine who had lost her father in the last few months. This is a good friend of mine, but we hadn’t talked in a while. That day her dad’s name came across a social media feed of mine and it inspired me to reach out to her to let her know I was thinking of her, and if she ever needed to talk I would be there for her. She responded that she was going through a rough few days and she really appreciated my reaching out to her.

I believe God had his fingerprints all over that one, by giving me the inspiration—from a social media feed, of all things. I love the verse from Jeremiah where he talks about the plans he has for us, that we are to be loved and not hurt. God knows us, he knows what we need and he knows how we will get it done. His power never ceases to amaze me.

Charlie Nesdahl