Advent Day 5 – Thursday, November 30

God has helped many different people in many different ways for a ton of different things. One time when I found God helped me was when my grandpa died. I felt like God was giving me huge hugs along the way, I felt like he was lying by me at night, and I felt like he was telling me that it’s okay to be sad and cry but Grandpa is all better and very safe in heaven.

Every now and then, when I go to my room and lie there, I feel like God is giving me a huge cuddle. But ever since Grandpa died I feel like God has been telling me to be bigger and stronger in everything I do and say and live compassion all the days of my life because he still loves me, and God reminds me of that every day.

So just remember God will be and always has been there for you, and he loves you more than anything else in the world.

Hannah Nesdahl