Advent Day 7 – Saturday, December 2

As co-chair of the Quilting Ministry for the last several years, sometimes I have to just stop and wonder: Is this coincidence? Maybe not.

There are times when I need just one more block to finish off a quilt and when I look through what I have available to me, there it is. Makes me wonder where in this world that person is who will be kept dry and comfortable under this quilt.

Or I need just one piece of cute children’s fabric to go with something that I have had for quite some time to finish off a warm quilt for some small child, and when I open the next box of donated fabric, there it is. Makes me wonder what child will be kept warm under this cute quilt.

Or when we wanted to purchase a few pin boxes to make laying out the quilts easier, and the next week in the paper I see they are free if we make a small purchase at a local store.

Or when I was making pocket prayer shawls and thought I didn’t have enough yarn left for another one, but when I was done I did have just enough for one more. Makes we wonder just who needed the prayers that are attached to that one last shawl!

I have to believe that God is working right alongside us each time we gather, guiding and helping us to create that special item for that one special person in need.

What do you think? Are these coincidences, or small silent communications from God?

Marilyn Quam