Preparing for the Holidays
As usual, OSL members and staff went above and beyond to beautify the space for Advent and Christmas, the better to enhance people’s worship experiences and prepare them for the birth of the Savior.

Here, a crew readies the Sanctuary for the season. Special thanks to the Brietag and Conner families, and to Gene LeVasseur, for their dedication to decorating OSL for Advent and Christmas!

Preparing for the Holidays, cont’d
The Celebrate Center also was made ready for worshipers to enjoy and find inspiration. At right and below are a couple of photos of Wednesday evening Advent worship, snapped by OSL member Jetty Duffy-Matzner. In keeping with the theme “Prayers around the Wreath,” the Celebrate Center chairs were arranged in a circular formation for Advent worship services.

And finally, here is almost the entire OSL staff, wishing everyone every blessing in the New Year.
Back rows, from left: Maribeth Anderson, Michelle Anderson, Barb Haugan, Deb Harlan, Deb Merxbauer, Duresa Kabato, Melissa Nesdahl, Denny Gale, Deanna Wehrspann, Gene LeVasseur, Nicole Mindt, and Bill Reynolds; front row: Stella Curry, Pr. Tim Lemme, Pr. Randy Gehring, Pr. Sami Johnson, and Loretta Nelson. Not pictured: Marilyn Schempp, Debbie Theis, Lavada Woods, Lloyd Olson, and Nancy Heesch. Thanks to Karla Cazer for taking the photo!

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