Welcome to the 2019 Silent Auction!

100% of the money raised will go to support OSL youth attending summer trips!

The Silent Auction will run through Sunday, March 3.

Online bidding will close at noon on March 3, with in-person bidding closing at our Silent Auction Banquet and Talent show on March 3 at 5:45 p.m. We will announce the winners after the Banquet and Talent show on March 3, and online on March 4. Auction winners will be able to pick up items at Our Savior's beginning on March 4. If you have any questions, contact John Schomberg, jschomberg@oslchurch.com.

Silent Auction Winners are listed HERE!
Item #1
Title: O' Holy Night
Value: Priceless
Description: Hand Crafted
Item #2
Title: "Fiesta"
Value: $75
Description: Tote, margarita mix, etc.
Item #3
Title: "Be Joyful"
Value: $20
Description: Wall art w/Bible verse
Item #4
Title: "SKOL"
Value: $75
Description: Viking themed basket
Item #5
Title: "Play All Day"
Value: $20
Description: 3 cars, playdough, candy, etc.
Item #6
Title: Cork Holder, Wine Rack w/4 wine bottles
Value: $65
Item #7
Title: "Major Bling"
Value: $150
Description: $100 gift certificate to Faini Designs Jewelry, jewelry accessories, and t-shirt
Item #8
Title: "For Your Nest"
Value: $65
Description: Basket with 2 bird tiles, decorative spray of beads, 2 vases & 3 hanging frames
Item #9
Title: "Let the Good Times Roll"
Value: $50
Description: Family Pass to Skate City & 4 Coupons for 6" subs from Gregg's Substation
Item #10
Title: "Rescue & Renew"
Value: $225
Description: Arbonne Rescue & Renew Detox: wash, mask, scrub, gelee, & bath soak
Item #11
Title: "ECHO,ECHo,ECho,Echo"
Value: $100
Description: Amazon Echo
Item #12
Title: "Pasta Amore"
Value: $40
Description: Wine, pasta, towel, colander, sauces, wine opener, & breadsticks
Item #13
Title: "Pearly White"
Value: $125
Description: Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Toothbrush
Item #14
Title: "Spare Me"
Value: $40
Description: 4 Pizza Ranch Coupons and 4 Games of Bowling at Eastway Bowl
Item #15
Title: “Diamond & Sterling Silver Cross Necklace”
Value: $100
Item #16
Title: "Bloom Where You Are Planted"
Value: $40
Description: Garden gloves, seed packets, potting soil, hand trowel, hose nozzles, planter
Item #17
Title: "Get Your Party On"
Value: $100
Description: Variety of beer, pretzels, snack mix, sign, "Ace of Spades" Bottle Opener, Steel Tub
Item #18
Title: "RED"dy to Have Some Fun?
Value: $75
Description: $40 bottle of Red Wine and Red Lobster Gift Certificate
Item #19
Title: Bella Rosa Silk Floral Centerpiece
Value: $100
Item #20
Title: “Puzzled” What to Bid On?
Value: $60
Description: World Puzzle, Cupcakes Puzzle, & Rubik's Void Puzzle
Item #21
Title: "On Your Left"
Value: $100
Description: 2 Spoke & Sport Gift Cards
Item #22
Title: "This Grill Is On Fire!"
Value: $80
Description: 14" Blue Charcoal Portable Kettle Grill, BBQ sauce and accessories.
Item #23
Title: "Fun in the Sun"
Value: $100
Description: 2 beach bags, 2 zippered bags, & 2 Wild Water West Weekday Passes
Item #24
Title: "Don’t Ask, Just Pour"
Value: $35
Description: 2 Bottles of Wine and Two Wine Glasses
Item #25
Title: "Only Your Hairdresser Knows!"
Value: $90
Description: Full hair color or hi-lite & haircut
Item #26
Title: “Plum’s Cooking”
Value: $40
Description: Basket with “Choco” Deco Tracing Kit, Mini Eclairs Kit, Egg Shaper
Item #27
Title: “Girls’ Night Out”
Value: $50
Description: AR Workshop Gift Certificate
Item #28
Title: “Insta-Pot” Express Cooker
Value: $140
Description: Multi-Cooker: Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Sauté, Steam
Item #29
Title: “Jesus Loves Me”
Value: $Priceless
Description: Hand-Crafted Sign with Praying Angel Bear
Item #30
Title: “Yeti”
Value: $70
Description: 2 First Premier Yeti Cups