Item #31
Title: “This Is How We Roll!”
Value: $50
Description: Two Papa Murphy’s Gift Cards & Skate City Family Skate Certificate
Item #32
Title: “Monat”
Value: $150
Description: Smoothing Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Thermal Protect Styling Shield, Frizz Fix Smoothing Primer
Item #33
Title: “Be the Kind of Woman”
Value: $20
Description: Black-Framed Plaque
Item #34
Title: “Pretty in Pink”
Value: $30
Description: Pink, White, and Black Quilted Blanket
Item #35
Title: “Three Bears: Where’s Goldilocks?”
Value: $35
Description: Three Boyd’s Bears
Item #36
Title: “Let’s Crank Up the Fun”
Value: $60
Description: Midco Insulated Cooler, Two Football Koozies, Midco Sport Network Scarf, Tumbler, Popsocket, Fidget Spinner, Wireless Speaker
Item #37
Title: “RELAX”
Value: $45
Description: Heating Pack with Lavender Bath Salts, Mini Bath Bombs, and Book “Awaken”
Item #38
Title: “Sporty Kid”
Value: $85
Description: Four Thirty-One Sport Themed Holders and Scheel’s Gift Card
Item #39
Title: “Just for Him”
Value: $115
Description: Folding/Cooler Chair, Dakota Workwear Gift Card & Carhartt Hat
Item #40
Title: “Home Sweet Home”
Value: $25
Description: Decorative Embroidered Pillow
Item #41
Title: ESPN
Value: $70
Description: Two Gray T-shirts, Porcelain Travel Mug, Chair, Bags
Item #42
Title: “Nostalgia”
Value: $40
Description: Collector’s Capt. 11 T-Shirt (size med.) and Three Embroidered Hand Towels
Item #43
Title: “Wild Side”
Value: Priceless
Description: Wildlife Quilt and Matching Pillow Cases
Item #44
Title: “Fix-It Felix”
Value: $100
Description: 134-Piece Drive Mechanics Tool Set
Item #45
Title: “Home for the Holidays”
Value: $40
Description: Handmade Christmas Table Runner with Six Cloth Napkins and Sparkle Napkin Rings
Item #46
Title: “You Had Me at Woof!”
Value: $55
Description: Orange Ball, Earthwise T-Shirt, Nutri-Source Dog Food
Item #47
Title: “Sweep Me off My Feet”
Value: $20
Description: Sweeper
Item #48
Title: “Made with Love”
Value: $50
Description: Hand-Crocheted Blanket
Item #49
Title: “Live, Love, Skate”
Value: $70
Description: Family Skate Pass to Skate City and Four Potbelly Coupons for Sandwich and Cookie
Item #50
Title: “Bundle of Boy”
Value: $45
Description: Cream Teddy Bear and Two Fleece Boy Blankets
Item #51
Title: “It’s BBQ Time!”
Value: $90
Description: Three bags of Smoking/Wood Chips, BBQ Sauce, Grill Cleaner and Grill Tool
Item #52
Title: “Mrs. Murphy’s”
Value: $100
Description: Pewter Necklace, Scarf, and Inis Perfume
Item #53
Title: “Hoop Dreams”
Value: $100
Description: Door Basketball Kit, “Ballback” Rebounder, Ball Pump, Bouncy Ball, Basketball
Item #54
Title: “Boot Barn”
Value: $40
Description: Koozie, Cup, Keychain, Frisbee, Pen, 15% Coupon, “Faith, Love, Hope” Picture Frame, Wooden Plaque, Cross Necklace and Earrings, Tote
Item #55
Title: “Cuisinart Air Fryer”
Value: $140
Item #56
Title: OSL Camels: “Cosmo & Camille”
Value: Priceless
Description: Drawing with Markers and Colored Pencils
Item #57
Title: “Date Night”
Value: $90
Description: Two Cinemark Movie Tickets & $50 Minerva’s Gift Card
Item #58
Title: “Mamma Mia!”
Value: $60
Description: Pasta, Bread Dipping Set, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Bread Mix, Two Bottles of Wine, Marinara Sauce
Item #59
Title: “Dice, Dice Baby!”
Value: $50
Description: Yard Yahtzee with Five Wooden Dice, Markers, and Score Cards
Item #60
Title: “But First, Coffee”
Value: $75
Description: Detox Bath, Devotional, Towel, Body Wash, Candle, Coffee Press and Coffee, Coffee Mug, Chocolate Almonds