Item #91
Title: “The Cat’s Meow”
Value: $30
Description: Cat Bowl, Cat Toys, and $25 Gift Card to MIni-Critters
Current Bid: $15 EIC197
Item #92
Title: “Let’s Roll!”
Value: $50
Description: Family Skate Admission to SkateCity (Up to Six) and $20 Pizza Ranch Coupons
Current Bid: $15 AAN830
Item #93
Title: “Crossfit—Red”
Value: $175
Description: One-Month Membership to Crossfit SF/Treadfast and T-shirt
Current Bid: $50 Minimum Bid
Item #94
Title: “Crossfit—Orange”
Value: $175
Description: One-Month Membership to Crossfit SF/Treadfast and T-shirt
Current Bid: $50 Minimum Bid
Item #95
Title: “Movie and Popcorn for Two”
Value: $40
Description: Cinemark Movie Coupons and Concession Coupon
Current Bid: $45 SAN117
Item #96
Title: “For the ‘Honey-Do’ List”
Value: $135
Description: Schoeneman’s Hat, Three Pencils, Tool Apron, Milwaukee Compact Drill, and Area Rug
Current Bid: $50 QUA194
Item #97
Title: “You Gotta Smell These Soaps! Then You’ll want “Smora” of Them!”
Value: $85
Description: Sea Salt Scrub, Lavender Lotion Bar, Herbal Healing Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Three Lip Balms, and Three Soaps
Current Bid: $45 KRU888
Item #98
Title: “Kidtopia!”
Value: $55
Description: $25 Kidtopia Gift Card, Jenga Game, and Bugs in the Kitchen Game
Current Bid: $65 Brooke Knudson-Wiggs
Item #99
Title: “Strike” up Some Fun!
Value: $50
Description: Four Eastway Bowl Games and $20 Boss’ Pizza Gift Certificate
Current Bid: $30 TRA123
Item #100
Title: “Teen Faith”
Value: $70
Description: Gift Card to Crossroads, Teen Girl Devotional, Maroon “Faith” T-shirt (Size Med.), “Be Strong” Wall Hanging
Current Bid: $25 BUU789
Item #101
Title: Sticks and Steel
Value: $60
Description: Metal Magnet Board, Six-Pack of Mini Dot Magnets, and $25 Gift Card
Current Bid: $50 DEB758 & SYV111 (tie)
Item #102
Title: Boyd’s Bear
Value: $35
Description: Large White Bear with Scarf
Current Bid: $45 NOV193
Item #103
Title: “When in Doubt, Pedal It Out!”
Value: $100
Description: Two Spoke & Sport Gift Cards
Current Bid: $60 HAR777
Item #104
Title: Houndstooth House
Value: $60
Description: Floral Arrangement
Current Bid: $40 BOY168
Item #105
Title: “All The Fixins for A....”
Value: $65
Description: 31 Tote, Dessert Bowls, and all the Fixins for an Ice Cream Extravaganza
Current Bid: $40 HUB123
Item #106
Title: Dragonfly on a Lily Photo
Value: $25
Description: Framed Picture
Current Bid: $20 DEB758
Item #107
Title: “It’s a Great Day to be a Viking!”
Value: $50
Description: Four Augustana Football Tickets
Current Bid: $30 Marie Horsted
Item #108
Title: Augustana
Value: $100
Description: Augie Shirts, Mug, Notebook, Fan, Socks, Keychain, Pen, Koozie, Frame, and Augieopoly
Current Bid: $110 HUB123
Item #109
Title: “Lil’ Vikes”
Value: $50
Description: Blanket, T-Shirt, Frisbee, Pom-Poms, Duckies, Socks, Candy Bar, Bullhorn, Clip
Current Bid: $25 CAP456
Item #110
Title: “Baby it’s Cold Outside!”
Value: $115
Description: Mittens from “Mom’s Mittens”, Candle, Inis Perfume, Mug, Lotion, Socks, and Hat
Current Bid: $55 CON305
Item #111
Title: “Betty Crocker @ Home”
Value: $50
Description: Mixing Bowl, Measuring Spoons and Cups, Whisk, Cookie Scoop, Oven Mitt, Kitchen Towel, PB Cookie Mix, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, and Spatula
Current Bid: $45 NEL333
Item #112
Title: “Bake” the World a Better Place!
Value: $90
Description: Mixing Bowl Set, Spatula Set, Spoon, Dish Towels, Measuring Spoons, Baking Cups
Current Bid: $40 Amy Bialas
Item #113
Title: “Wine” Not Bid on This?
Value: $80
Description: Jessup Pinot Noir, Two Stemless Glasses, and Wine Napkins
Current Bid: $60 MCF123
Item #114
Title: “Tickle the Ivories”
Value: Priceless
Description: Deanna Wehrspann Will Play a Mini-Recital or Background Music for an Event. She Would Require an Acoustic Piano and Will Play for One Hour.
Current Bid:
Item #115
Title: “I Scream, You Scream!”
Value: $75
Description: Four Stensland Family Farm Tours and $25 BP Gas Card
Current Bid: $51 HAZ123
Item #116
Title: “Cardio Is Hardio”
Value: $150
Description: Adidas Black Women’s Hat, Adidas Women’s Large Gray Zip-Up Sweatshirt, and $25 Scheel’s Gift Card
Current Bid: $40 OLI415
Item #117
Title: “Jackpot!”
Value: $175
Description: One-Night Stay at Grand Falls Casino & Resort and Two Guests to Lunch Buffet at Robert’s Buffet
Current Bid: $126 WEL670
Item #118
Title: “A Weekend at Gramma’s!”
Value: $85
Description: Tub of Childrens’ Toys and Games, Age 5+
Current Bid: $50 SKO605
Item #119
Title: Time to “Wine Down!”
Value: $75
Description: Lotion, Two Wine Glasses, Slippers, Foot Lotion, Foot Scrub, Wine, Wash Cloth, Towels
Current Bid: $25 SKO605
Item #120
Title: “Fa, La, La, La, La”
Value: $70
Description: Three Christmas Signs, Six Ornaments, and Anjelic’s “Where’s the Love” CD
Current Bid: $25 SKO605