Item #121
Title: "Let's Make-Up!"
Value: $150
Description: Makeup Set, Sheet Mask, and Two 31 Make-Up/Jewelry Bags
Current Bid: $35 Minimum Bid
Item #122
Title: Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks!
Value: $110
Description: Blanket, Coffee Mug, T-Shirt, Socks, and Winter Beanie
Current Bid: $70 OSL717
Item #123
Title: “Who Let the Dogs Out?
Value: $40
Description: Doggie Bowl, Toy, and $25 Gift Card to Mini-Critters
Current Bid: $25 KAH710
Item #124
Title: “Sack Lunch”
Value: $40
Description: 31 “Off the Clock Anchor” Tote and $20 Fareway Gift Card
Current Bid: $15 WEL670 & THE333 (tie)
Item #125
Title: Redbox and Papa Murphy’s
Value: $30
Description: Two Papa Murphy’s Coupons and $10 Redbox Coupon
Current Bid: $20 HAN3 & Amy Horsted (tie)
Item #126
Title: “Best. Dad. Ever!”
Value: $85
Description: Cologne, Pens, VR Headset, and More.
Current Bid: $25 Tim Lemme
Item #127
Title: “Sew Nice!”
Value: $65
Description: Green Quilted Square, 4 Hand Sewn Kitchen Towels, and Three Koala Embroidered Kitchen Towels
Current Bid: $30 MCF123
Item #128
Title: Exercise? I Thought You Said “Extra Fries!”
Value: $85
Description: Ladies Med. Gray Adidas Tights and Peach Med. Tank Workout Shirt and $25 Scheels Gift Card
Current Bid: $25 FRE123
Item #129
Title: “Hairs to You!”
Value: $110
Description: Amika Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, Hair Glitter, Wet Detangler Brush, Hair Ties, and Hair Mask
Current Bid: $50 Amy Horsted
Item #130
Title: “Arty Crafty Kids”
Value: $60
Description: Build-a Bear Craftshop, Sticker Book, Markers, and Other Art Supplies
Current Bid: $35 Sarah Missal
Item #131
Title: Ezekiel 47:12
Value: $40
Description: Two Homemade Rice Pack Heating Pads, Aromatherapy Spray and Roll-On
Current Bid: $25 JAC150
Item #132
Title: “Glisten and Glow!”
Value: $100
Description: Self-Tan Liquid with Gloves and Mitt, Sheet Masks, Make-Up, Lipstick, Powder Brush, Inis Perfume, and Massage Envy Facial or Massage
Current Bid: $50 TRA123
Item #133
Title: “Rid the Mess That Causes You Stress”
Value: $100
Description: Coupon for Intek and Restoration Cleaning Service
Current Bid: $60 Amy Horsted
Item #134
Title: “Commit to Be Fit!”
Value: $75
Description: Planet Heart and Vascular Screening
Current Bid: $20 OLS717
Item #135
Title: You “Auto” Tint Your Car Windows!
Value: $200
Description: Window Tint on a Four-Door Vehicle + Tax
Current Bid: $200 TIL123
Item #136
Title: A Day at the Washington Pavilion
Value: $80
Description: Four Passes to the Kirby Science Discovery Center at the Washington Pavilion and $20 Coupons to Pizza Ranch
Current Bid: $45 TIL123
Item #137
Title: A Night of “Wonder!”
Value: $100
Description: Candy, Popcorn, Popcorn Spices, Four Bottles of Pop, Popcorn Bowl, Cuisinart Microwave Popcorn Maker, and “Wonder” DVD Movie
Current Bid: $100 BEB550
Item #138
Title: “Seasoned with Love!”
Value: $100
Description: Look’s Gift Card, Smoker Box, BBQ Rubs, BBQ Marinade, and Basket
Current Bid: $40 SKO605
Item #139
Title: “Rainy Day!”
Value: $85
Description: Umbrella, Star Wars Kalidescope, Two Stuffed Toys, Cup with Straw, Two Hi-Bounce Balls, Small Cars, Book of Stickers, Chalk, Whiteboard, Drawing Tablet, Egg-Shaped Cards
Current Bid: $55 Sarah Missal
Item #140
Title: “Let’s Cuddle!”
Value: $75
Description: Throw Blanket, Pillow, “La La Land” DVD, Emerson Essays and Poems, Socks, Chocolate Truffles, Hot Chocolate, and Basket
Current Bid: $65 STE211
Item #141
Title: “Sugar & Spice”
Value: $50
Description: Two Fleece Girls’ Blankets and Tutu
Current Bid: $20 SCH246
Item #142
Title: “Don’t Rain on My Parade”
Value: $80
Description: $25 Travel Pouch, KELO Umbrella, KELO Mug, Coffee Thermos, Box of Cocoa, Fleece Throw, and 2 Crocheted Hats
Current Bid: $30 HEL022
Item #143
Title: “Happy Birthday!”
Value: $75
Description: $35 “Nothing Bundt the Cake” Gift Certificate and Supplies, Balloons, Balloon Pump, Decorative Bags, and Wrap
Current Bid: $40 MAD828
Item #144
Title: “Uncork & Unwind!”
Value: $150
Description: Bin 21 Gift Card and Haiku Wallet
Current Bid: $75 TRA123
Item #145
Title: “Thyme Out!”
Value: $30
Description: Thyme Spritzer from Plum’s
Current Bid: $10 CSF351
Item #146
Title: “Catch a Flick!”
Value: $40
Description: $35 Cinemark Movie Tickets and $5 Concession Coupon
Current Bid: $35 STA789
Item #147
Title: “This Little Piggie!”
Value: $50
Description: Foot Accessories (Socks, Polish, Foot Scrub, Emery Boards, etc.)
Current Bid: $25 CSF351
Item #148
Title: “Picture Perfect Night”
Value: $120
Description: $40 Gift Certificate to Vanessen’s, $50 to Grille 26, and two Tickets to Cinemark Movie Theater
Current Bid: $70 NEL333 & ADE888 (tie)
Item #149
Title: Happy Mother’s Day
Value: $125
Description: Eye Shadow Pack, Two Buxom Lip Glosses, Lavender Soap, Aveda Candle, Three Fuzzy Socks, Bubble Face Mask, Contour Brush, Foot Lotion
Current Bid: $50 Brooke Knudson-Wiggs
Item #150
Title: “The Heat Is On!”
Value: $175
Description: Waterbury Annual Furnace and Air Conditioning Routine Maintenance
Current Bid: $100 OLS927