Item #151
Title: “Girl Power”
Value: $55
Description: Cocoa, Popcorn, Two Books, Stuffed Black Bear, Hi-bounce Ball, Drinking Cup with Straw, Small Magnifier, Painting, White Board and Markers, Girl’s Journal and Pen
Current Bid: $10 SEL445
Item #152
Title: “Go on a Blind Date with a Book!”
Value: $40
Description: $25 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble, Journal, and Book Cover
Current Bid: $20 LAR215, NEL333 & MCF123 (tie)
Item #153
Value: $65
Description: USF Swag Basket: Hat, Ice Scraper, Pop Socket, Socks, Notebook, Water Bottle
Current Bid: $30 AAN830
Item #154
Title: You Won’t “Tire” of Shiny New Tires
Value: $75
Description: Two $25 Gift Cards to Tires, Tires, Tires , Tire Gauge, and Tire Foam
Current Bid: $15 HEI123
Item #155
Title: “Cozy up with a Good Book!”
Value: $60
Description: 3 Books, Chocolate, Coffee, Bath Bomb
Current Bid: $50 Deb Thormodsgard
Item #156
Title: “Gone for the Weekend!”
Value: $105
Description: Thirty-One Travel Case and Thiry-One Fold-Over Weekender Bag
Current Bid: $40 ADE888
Item #157
Title: “Say Cheese!”
Value: $300
Description: One Family Photo Session with Matt Schuldt of Schuldt Imagery
Current Bid: $50 PAY160
Item #158
Title: “Court Is Now in Session!”
Value: $150
Description: Four Tickets to the Skyforce Game and Two $25 Gift Cards to Buffalo Wild Wings
Current Bid: $60 SAN117 & AND123
Item #159
Title: “Just for Kicks!”
Value: $140
Description: One-Month Course in Taekwondo at ATA Black Belt Academy (Includes Uniform)
Current Bid: $35 TIL123
Item #160
Title: “Lucky Dog!”
Value: $100
Description: Two-night stay in a VIP Suite and one Bedtime Snack at Paws Pet Resort
Current Bid: $80 HUB123
Item #161
Title: Joshua 24:15
Value: $20
Description: Barnwood Sign
Current Bid:
Item #162
Title: “Old Rugged Cross”
Value: $30
Description: Wooden Picture
Current Bid: $20 ADE222
Item #163
Title: Two Hunting Signs
Value: $30
Description: “We Interrupt this Marriage” and “I’m a Survivor!”
Current Bid:
Item #164
Title: “Minnesota Miracle”
Value: $50
Description: Minnesota Vikings Limited Print, 1 of 20, Diggs
Current Bid: $45 CHR213
Item #165
Title: “Love of God!”
Value: $50
Description: Wooden Picture
Current Bid: $30 SAN941
Item #166
Title: “Blessed!”
Value: $50
Description: Black Picture
Current Bid: $10 HOV123
Item #167
Title: “Amazing Grace!”
Value: $50
Description: Wooden Picture
Current Bid: $20 EIC197
Item #168
Title: “This Is Us!”
Value: $50
Description: Wooden Picture
Current Bid: $50 NES235
Item #169
Title: “Bullseye!”
Value: $345
Description: Electronic Dartboard with Built-In Cabinet
Current Bid: $100 ADA810
Item #170
Title: This Can Make Your Party Really “Pop!”
Value: $120
Description: Coney Island Popcorn Machine with Popcorn, Four Different Salts, and Over 350 Individual Popcorn Bags
Current Bid: $150 LON818
Item #171
Title: Movie and Pizza
Value: $40
Description: Six Admission Passes to West Mall 7 and $20 Papa Murphy’s Pizza Coupons
Current Bid: $40 WIL531
Item #172
Title: “Captain & Chenille!”
Value: $30
Description: Five Burp Cloths and One Blue Chenille Baby Blanket
Current Bid: $15 LAR215
Item #173
Title: Touched by an Angel
Value: $80
Description: Massage Envy Gift Card and Angel Bear
Current Bid: $25 SCH246
Item #174
Title: Quilted Baby Blanket
Value: $80
Description: Hand Quilted Flannel Baby Blanket
Current Bid: $25 ADE888
Item #175
Title: Are You Ready for Some Football?
Value: $150
Description: Four Storm Tickets, Three $10 Cody Smokehouse Gift Certificates, and Two BBQ Sauces
Current Bid: $50 SKI878
Item #176
Title: Hampton Inn
Value: $125
Description: One-Night Stay at Hampton Inn in Sioux Falls
Current Bid: $50 AND700
Item #177
Title: “Foodies!”
Value: $100
Description: Gift Cards to Inca, Fareway, and Turks & Caicos Cabana Grille
Current Bid: $80 HAN3
Item #178
Title: Lefse! Uff Da, That’s Good!
Value: Priceless
Description: Three Winners of One Dozen 14" Lefse Rounds with Delivery Easter Weekend
3 Winners Current Bid: $25 OLI415, Current Bid: $25 SKO605, Current Bid: $25 OLS123
Item #179
Title: Sweet Dreams, Fashion Doll
Value: $40
Description: Barbie Doll with Handcrafted Bunk Bed
Current Bid: $25 STE211
Item #180
Title: Minerva’s
Value: $100
Description: $100 Gift Card
Current Bid: $95 HOR078