An Easy Way to Support Youth Ministry

Here’s a fun fact: Everybody eats!

An average family of four can spend anywhere from $700 to $1,200 a month on groceries alone, not counting eating out. That could add up to over $14,000 a year on groceries!

If you paid for just $400 of those groceries each month with grocery cards purchased at OSL, you could raise $700 in a year to support Youth Ministry! That’s money you’re already spending, but with 5% going toward ministry—at no extra cost to you!

Now imagine if 50 families did this on a regular basis, $35,000 would be raised for OSL Youth Ministry, and all you did was buy groceries! That would cover the Youth Ministry budget and the cost of youth trips and camps for the year, and there would be some to spare. It adds up fast!

Through OSL’s gift card program, you can apply this same principle to purchases at many of the stores where you shop for clothes, housewares, etc., or you can give the cards as birthday or Christmas gifts.

Head to the Youth Information Table near the Celebrate Center on Sunday mornings to buy your Hy-Vee or Fareway grocery cards or gift cards. Cards can be purchased with cash or checks, and gift cards can be purchased online. Get details at the Youth Information Table, or visit; enter code 9LAA2L6143359, and follow the steps to register!

Questions? Contact Nicole Mindt: 336-2942, ext. 33;

Thank you for your support of OSL Youth Ministry!