Here is a list of people who have made recent gifts to the OSLC Foundation. When gifts are made they honor our loved ones. Those gifts also help us with the grieving process as we recall and cherish memories as we press on without them. The monetary support serves the OSL congregation for years and years, sometimes seen, sometimes unseen.

It is important for you to know that your gifts are greatly appreciated and stewarded with the utmost care by the OSLC Foundation board. Contact the Church Office, 605-336-2942, or any of the Foundation board members to talk about making a gift.

Gifts to the OSLC Foundation, 2022
Harriet Hybertson
Sarah Abbas
Priscilla Jorve
Karen Chesley
Margarat Novak
Joyce and Darrel Goldammer
Roger and Uydene Amdahl
Allen and Nancy Kosters
Carol Nielsen
Dean and Debbie Mertz
Frances Kilen
Kenneth and Stuart Iseminger

In Memory of Dorothy Peterson
Arlean Jensen
Carrie Aaron
Kelly Coleman

In Memory of Gordon Geick
Floyd and Carol Prouty

In Memory of James and Ada Oakland, Clarence and Phyllis Saltee
James and Carol Oakland

In Memory of Jerry Boe
Darlene Boe

In Memory of Ken Bauge
Glenn and Cindy Wika
Robert and Joan Thimjon
Curt and Lynda Olson
Ruth Olsen
Burleigh and Betty Boldt
Barbara Lockrem
David and Bonnie Bogue
Richard Bogue

In Memory of Linda Axtell
Mark and Darlene Dunn

In Memory of Marjorie Nelson
Bob Nelson

In Memory of Paul Lund
Louise Lund

In Honor of Pauline Buckstead 90th Birthday
Leslie and Caroyln Svendsen

In Memory of Phyllis Krueger
Conrad and Helen Dice
Joe and Mary Colby
Jerry and Jill Franken

In Memory of Richard Landborg
Lisa Dryden
Bill and Lorrae Lindquist

In Memory of Ruby Hippe
Dennis and Pam Hanneman

In Memory of Ruth Jones
Ruth Olsen

In Memory of Sharon Aning
Ben Aning

In Memory of Shelley Fetters
David Fetters

In Memory of Steve Andrison
Gayle Hooper

Thanks to all who give to the Our Savior’s Foundation. Your gifts are meaningful to the families who grieve the loss of a loved one. Just the same, those who give have a sense of relief as they share in that journey. When a gift is given to honor a baptism, birthday, anniversary or other special event, joy is multiplied all around. These gifts are added to the Foundation’s endowment and they assist in building the amount contributed back to the OSL mission each year. With gratitude we again say thanks. Memorial cards may be found at the Welcome Center in The Gathering Place or in the Church Office. If you wish to discuss memorials further, contact the Church Office, 605-336-2942. Thank you!