A Moment of Reflection…
…Can Lead to Action

If you have ever had the good fortune of backpacking in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, you would have been treated to several spectacular views along the way. One memorable trip of mine included a stop at Mirror Lake. Gazing into the clear blue water, I saw an almost perfect view of the sky above; in looking down, I was looking up. It was beautiful, but the moment didn’t last long, for the trail beckoned and the destination for the evening was still a few thousand steps away.

Without too much of a stretch, think of that experience and the similarities to the recent annual meeting of the Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Foundation. First of all, there were not that many on the hike, nor at the meeting. Everyone wanted to get to the campsite and set up for the evening, while those at the Foundation meeting simply wanted to get out of The Gathering Place. The Bighorns offered Mirror Lake and beyond. The annual report was a summary of 2019 but also a reflection of growth and service since 1978. Beautiful. In 2019 alone, the Foundation gave $112,300 to support the ongoing needs of Our Savior’s.
The story of the Bighorns is now just a memory of mine, perhaps never to be repeated. The Foundation, on the other hand, is just beginning to grow. The major element in the growth of the Foundation’s assets is as a result of gifts from individuals’ estates. However, only about three percent of the OSL population has made provisions in their planning for legacy giving. That means that 97% still have the chance to do so. Wow! Talk about potential!

Take a moment to look over the Foundation’s annual report. Look down into the report and then look up and reflect on the excellent results. Think about how you can take part in the beauty. I’ll join you for the journey! Reach me, Jon Oien, at joien@sio.midco.net.