Memorials and Gifts
to the OSLC Foundation

In Memory of Marilyn Green
Janiece Peterson
Jan Haugen-Rogers and Roy Rogers
Patty Haugen

In Memory of Robert Binger
Lloyd and Donna Knutson

In Memory of Ione Svendsen
Jon and Julie Oien
Harriet Hybertson
Robert and Joan Thimjon
Stanley and Ruby Hippe
Jim and Rosalie Ryan
Tim and JoAnn Lemme
Gerald and Brenda Beninga
Debra Merxbauer
Barbara Haugan
Donald and Sharon Lehmann
Gayle Hooper
Ronald Hybertson
Ronald and Martha Rossing
James and Carol Oakland
Ruth Olsen
George and Lynda Lee
Dave and Lori Treiber
Lowell and Sally Almen
Donald and Sarah Abbas
Patricia Lanoue
Sara Anne Ensberg
Dean and Jeanmarie Wellnitz
R. D. and Mary Eisenbraun
Henry and Janelle Hoffman

In Memory of Stella Curry
Gayle Hooper
Steven and Susan Hauff
Willis and Gail Hanna
Don and Sharon Lehmann

In Memory of Gudrun Peterson
Jim and Rosalie Ryan

In Memory of Mandeline Gaede
Marsha Millage
James and Carol Oakland
Jim and Rosalie Ryan
Don and Sharon Lehmann

In Honor of Don Lehmann’s Birthday
Curtis and Elaine Sandvall

Thanks to all who give to the Our Savior’s Foundation. Your gifts are meaningful to the families who grieve the loss of a loved one. Just the same, those who give have a sense of relief as they share in that journey. When a gift is given to honor a birthday or anniversary, joy is multiplied all around. These gifts are added to the Foundation’s endowment and they assist in building the amount contributed back the OSL mission each year. With gratitude we again say thanks.Memorial cards may be found at the Information Center in The Gathering Place or in the Church Office. If you wish to discuss memorials further, contact me, Jon Oien, Thank you!