Giving Is Like Golfing…
“…the more you do it, the better you become.”

Those words were part of a recent conversation with a friend and fellow member of OSL. It was not the pathway I intended to traverse with this month’s thoughts, but I think she was spot on. You see, both are learned choices. Like many activities in which we participate, practice makes us better. Around these parts, we are “weather restricted” when it comes to golf, so many golfers I know begin the season as early as possible and push it to the limits in the fall for one last round. Those who want to get better even spend time on the practice range!

Giving, on the other hand, isn’t limited by Mother Nature, and certainly isn’t seasonal. In fact, the recent change in the tax law has given us new freedoms with the expansion of the standard deduction. Since nearly 90% of taxpayers take the standard deduction, we no longer need to fret about keeping track of our gifts and are free to give wherever and whenever we wish. Of course, there are exceptions, so everyone should (as always) consult with their tax advisors.

Take a moment to look around at the many places that need our gifts. The hungry in need of nourishment, the homeless in need of shelter, the lonely in need of companionship, the youth in need of instruction, and the lost in need of a combination of assistance.

As it goes with golf, every shot adds up—a 300-yard drive counts the same as a two-inch putt—and so it is with giving, too: all gifts count. Don’t think so? Just ask the recipient of your benevolence!

So, whether or not you like golf, why not take up giving? You will be filling up more than a scorecard.

Let’s talk! You may reach me, Jon Oien, at 212-5261 or Shalom!