Footprints in the Sand
About 35 years ago, Julie and I were walking on the beach near Carmel, California. What happened on that short excursion left a lasting impression on my outlook.

As we walked near the water’s edge, we could feel the cool waves lapping against our bare feet and legs, since we had rolled up our pants to our knees and carried our shoes. I paused briefly and looked back to see our trail of footprints, the only markings in the sand. Moments later a larger and unpredictable wave caught us by surprise and soaked us mid-thigh with 60-degree surf. Laughter and chills marked our brief encounter with the mighty power of the ocean. We turned around and headed back to the car, and the view in front of us was a pristine shoreline, unmarked by the trail we had blazed not too long ago. I marveled at the power of the waves and wondered if the efforts in our lives were obliterated by the unrelenting din of our daily lives. Sometimes, I concluded, but not all the time: the odds of success increase once we get away from the shoreline and the opportunity for trailblazing and leaving more of a lasting impact can be achieved.

This is very true for the efforts expended at Our Savior’s. Imagine the “footprints” left in the minds of OSL youth after a service trip to the inner city or a mountaintop hike in the Rockies. Perhaps the “footprints” come from volunteering to serve communion or making a contribution to the inspirational “noisy offering.” Serving at the Banquet, collecting for the Mobile Food Pantry or Necessities for Neighbors also come to mind. The list of needs is long, and as relentless as the ocean.

The OSLC Foundation is one way to ensure that footprints can be permanent. Your memorials or cash gifts to the endowment, and promised legacy gifts, all add up to be a powerful force that allows this congregation to continue on the mission of proclaiming Christ and nurturing faith in everyday life.

Join me for further conversation, and we’ll talk about your footprints in the sand! You may reach me, Jon Oien, at 212-5261 or Shalom!