Gifts to the Our Savior’s
Lutheran Church Foundation

In Memory of Janet Hybertson
Dennis Knutson
Ralph and LaVonne Johnshoy
Leslie and Carolyn Svendsen
Jim and Rosalie Ryan
Don and Sharon Lehmann
Curtis and Elaine Sandvall
Alan and Arlys Stanga

In Memory of Nancy Phelan
Irma Natvig
Rex and Mary Phelan
Larry and Dorothy Grage
Leonard and Joanne Dankey
Curt and Glenda Hage
Charlie and Sonja Anderson
Jim and Rosalie Ryan

In Memory of Elinor Quarnstrom
Randy and Michelle Gehring
Dennis and Pam Hanneman

In Memory of Velma Johnshoy
Ralph and LaVonne Johnshoy
Ruth Olsen
Norman Eithreim

In Memory of Lyle Farrand
Marcia Muller
Vikki Farrand

In Memory of Leonard Eichacker
Mavis Carl

In Memory of Lois Loge
Robert and Joan Thimjon
Steven and Susan Hauff
Eloise Elmen

In Memory of Phyllis Hofstad
Ronald and Martha Rossing
Floyd and Carol Prouty

In Memory of Bob Roble
Steve and Jane Sahly
Amy Sahly

In Memory of Richard Ambroson
Mike and Elaine Rieck
In Memory of Marilyn Green
Robert and Joan Thimjon
Steven and Susan Hauff
James and Carol Oakland
Curtis and Lynda Olson
Jon and Julie Oien

In Honor of Norm Eitrheim’s 90th Birthday
Floyd and Carol Prouty

Gifts to the Endowment
Judy and Dale Winter
Roger White
Gayle Hooper
Conley and Paula Ruud