Almost Everything You
Need to Know about __________.

(Yikes! What a headline!)

Go ahead and fill in the blank. There are lots of choices—too many for anyone to manage. That is the reason we hire professionals to help us navigate the way. For my journey, I have summarized those choices into a matter of health: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, vocational, and financial health are the ones that come to mind. I am confident that we all have experienced good or bad health in each of these areas.

This discussion about staying healthy will continue for generations as we all try to do what is best. A recent reading from MarketWatch, by Fred Leamnson, inspired me to write this article: “Almost everything you need to know about inheriting an IRA.” “Almost everything,” is what caught my eye. The article was eight pages long! What novice can navigate that minefield? And that’s only one area of maintaining financial health—imagine this: there are over 500 ways to take Social Security!

Now please turn your thoughts to the Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Foundation, which exists solely to support the mission of Our Savior’s. There are plenty of pathways to follow and rules to obey. From my experience the journey is much easier to follow when rooted in your intentions—for your loved ones and for your church.

Any healthcare professional will tell you that a good checkup must start with good questions: Why me? Why now? The same is true of your financial and spiritual health. So feel free to pepper me—Jon Oien,—with questions about the OSLC Foundation, what it can do for you, for your loved ones, and for your church. I’ll try to answer “almost everything” you need to know!