Giving Sharpens Financial Planning

A recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Giving Sharpens Financial Planning,” by Chris Farrell, senior economics contributor for Minnesota Public Radio (Sunday, August 5), grabbed my attention. After all, one of the three main elements of the Our Savior’s Foundation is financial giving.

Farrell had attended a one-day conference on Faith and Finances, presented by Thrivent. A memorable moment for him came when Thrivent Chief Executive Brad Hewitt quoted Proverbs 11:24: “The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.” The article continued, “Generosity is good for the spirit. Giving away our money is one way we express our generosity. Giving consistently also turns out to be key to managing household finances smartly over a lifetime.”

Wow! Our experience of consistent giving proves the statement’s accuracy. It has also helped us to distinguish three timelines of giving:
• Today giving—short-term, intended for immediate use (think annual commitment).
• Tomorrow giving—medium-term, intended for use over a longer period of time (think Mission: Possible and the excellent facilities here at OSL).
• Timeless giving—long-term funds directed to the endowment, which generates earnings for spending year after year after year).

I’m sure you get the point—giving is good!

Contact me, Jon Oien,, and we can discuss more about the ways and whys of giving. If you wish to read the Star-Tribune article, I can arrange to get a copy to you. In the meantime, press on with your daily life full of abundant opportunities, and remember that generosity is one of the Core Values of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.