Permanent Markers?
Not so fast. Pun intended.

Indelible ink? For how long?

The roads at the Seven Hills of Rome are only 3,000 years old. Ancient Lake Agassiz (think North Dakota flat) dates back 12,875 years. A recent discovery in the Hell Creek formation of a Triceratops (named Alice) boggles the mind: Alice is 65 million years old.

Consistent with the thought of lasting impressions, let’s go back to 1946 and the birth of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Try to imagine all the events that have taken place since. We would discover that numerous weddings, baptisms, confirmations, and funerals all have filled the rooms, hallways, and worship spaces of OSL with joys and sorrows and new beginnings. Can we even imagine all the cups of coffee consumed in the various meeting rooms and Fellowship Hall?

Recalling those landmarks in our lives can give us a boost for the days ahead. Anticipating the promises brought about each day pulls us ahead in the same way.

The work of Our Savior’s Foundation mirrors that same view. We remember the past, live in the present, and plan for the future. We gain confidence when we reflect where we’ve been, know where we are, and anticipate where we are going. Hmmm…in a way, like a permanent marker!

This is my invitation to you to visit further about what all this reflection might mean for you. Reach me, Jon Oien, at Jon Oien, at 212-5261 or I’m looking forward to meeting you!