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Our Money Story

Everyone loves a good story. The best stories captivate and transform us—they change how we live. They help us make sense of things we experience and create a vision for a preferred future.

Making sense of a global pandemic seems like a tall order, but the unfolding story at Our Savior’s this past year witnesses to God’s faithfulness and this congregation’s life-giving ministry. It’s a story of a congregation in mission for the sake of the world.

Making an Impact
By necessity, ministry programming was vastly different this past year and some programs were suspended altogether. Worship, however, became a primary focus because of its ability to keep us connected as a community and equip us for caring for ourselves and each other. We soon learned that the reach of our ministry went well beyond church members. To get a sense of OSL’s impact this past year, check out these notes received from folks who are grateful for our witness:

♦ “I’m so appreciative of all the ways you are reaching out to me – the worship services…; the mailings…; my Pen Pal; visits from the visitation pastor, and of course all the beautiful music. God bless all of you.”
♦ “We have been watching your services…here in [southwest Minnesota]. It has meant a lot to us…we feel right at home…. May God continue to bless your church.”
♦ Thank you for the meaningful messages you offered during the Lenten and Easter seasons…. They were thoughtful and hope-filled.
♦ “This was a wonderfully provocative and moving service. Thank you for bringing Pastor Lenny [Duncan] to S.D., OSLC, and Augustana.”

The pandemic chapter of Our Savior’s story is one of faithfulness and creativity for the sake of a common mission, and by God’s grace we are emerging from an extraordinary year well positioned to continue serving as the Spirit leads us.

A Clear Vision for Ministry
Looking ahead, we will be guided in writing the next chapter of OSL’s amazing story by our annual vision for ministry:

By God’s grace and with deep gratitude,
we will nurture community
and boldly embrace and serve all.

In all that we will do, regardless of what the future holds, we will strive to be a church that nurtures a renewed sense of community and belonging among all whom our ministry touches, a church that both welcomes and serves all people, and a people who live with profound gratitude, recognizing that everything we do is a product of God’s grace active in and through us.

Partnering Together
Investing in a vision this compelling changes lives by providing healing and hope to a broken world. Not surprisingly, though, mission investors are blessed as well when their generosity intersects with a mission God ordains.

In the coming year, in addition to resuming ministries suspended by the pandemic, Our Savior’s is being called to broaden its mission in support of this vision. Specifically, a net increase in mission support (offerings received) of $7,500 per month will enable us to:

♦ Subsidize our food ministry so that kids will eat free all year long whenever a meal is served at church. ($4,500 annually)
♦ Further develop our partnership with Susan B. Anthony school by providing mentoring to students and support to staff. (Meals for staff at key times of year, classroom supplies, equipment, etc.; $2,000 annually)
♦ Expand the children’s music ministry. (Resources and supplies; $3,500 annually)
♦ Develop and equip leaders for service in the church. ($5,000 annually)
♦ Invest in paid staff by providing modest wage and necessary benefit increases. ($75,000 annually)

This growth in our mission could be achieved by 100 donors increasing their monthly giving by $75.00 per month or 200 donors giving an additional $37.50 per month. When applied evenly to all current contributors, this increase is equal to an average increase of $10 per month per donor.

Regardless of the size of your contribution, your generous investment in the mission and vision of Our Savior’s is a resource the Holy Spirit uses to provide hope in a world still reeling from the far-reaching effects of the pandemic. In other words, your gift given in love might just become the answer to someone’s prayer.

In that spirit, please pray about becoming an OSL Mission Investor in 2021 and complete an Estimate of Giving card in support of the mission God has entrusted to us.

A Story in the Making
Though none of us know what the future holds, at Our Savior’s we believe God is working through us to proclaim Christ and nurture faith that connects to everyday life. Be a part of writing that amazing story by becoming a Mission Investor today.

Our Money Story
Estimate of Giving

You may fill out the Estimate of Giving form on your computer and send it electronically via the form’s Send button. Or you may print it and return it to the Church Office, 909 W. 33rd St., Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

Some folks experience difficulty sending the Estimate of Giving PDF. This appears to be a common issue with PDFs. If that should happen to you, it may be best to print the form and return it to the Church Office. Thank you for your understanding.

Questions? Contact Barb Haugan, Business Administrator, 336-2942, ext. 23, or

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