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When Advent arrives, it’s as though a push notification appears in our collective Christian consciousness: “‘Jesus is coming! Would you like to plan something?”

This devotional resource offers ways to respond to the Advent season. It is a resource you can use to support your daily devotions throughout the season, and is especially suited to accompanying an Advent wreath-lighting at home. It uses the scriptures of the Advent season to invite you to reflect on how people experience time and on how God uses our temporal experience to meet us, challenge us, bless us, shape us, and call us into holy endings and new beginnings.

As a season of preparation, Advent reminds us that our time is limited. We run out of time to reconcile, to prepare, to make a change. Yet even as we are running out of time, God is out of time entirely—beyond it, outside it. God’s infinite being and infinite patience cut through our fear as God enters human time to dwell with us: Emmanuel, God-with-us.

From the introduction to Out of Time: Advent Devotions, written by Victoria Larson and Justin Kosec and copyright © 2023 Barn Geese Worship. Used by permission of Barn Geese Worship.Barn Geese Worship logo