Pastor for Outreach and Communication
Faith and Companionship
Pr. Justin Kosec

In Genesis 2, the first human being lived entirely alone in a garden called Eden. There were no other animals at that time. The person was alone with the wind and the sun and the untalkative trees. The silence must have been deafening.

Especially in this age, where social media enables a steady stream of surface relationships and where screens allow people to be alone together, it is easy to believe that loneliness is more acute than ever. But according to our scripture, loneliness was a part of the human experience from the very beginning.

In that old story, God knew a person could not live happily, even in Eden, all by himself. God made dogs and cats and emus and dodos and komodo dragons, but none of these helped. So God created a human friend. In this story, God used the vast powers of divine creativity just to alleviate one person’s loneliness.

God knows we need human relationships and meaningful connections. LifeGroups are one way we build these connections here at Our Savior’s.

LifeGroups are small groups where people build faith and companionship in an informal setting. Some LifeGroups meet at OSL; some meet in homes. Some meet year-round. Others gather around four- to six-week preaching series.

The next LifeGroup series, WORTHY, begins this month. In WORTHY, we will discuss how we measure our worth though our friendships, our success in life, our roles as children, our expectations as Christians.

Our society tells us our worth comes from success, or the number of friends on our social media feeds, or how we prepare our kids for college in preschool, or how a proper Christian behaves. It sends us many more messages besides, and these messages affect our faith in God. This October, we will honestly acknowledge all these messages. But then we’ll live into the alternative created by our faith: We are worthy people, because God said so.

If you participate in this LifeGroup series, I think you’ll make some new friends, discover new things about old friends, and find your faith uplifted and affirmed.

Still, relationships take time and energy to build. For this reason, we’re making it easier than ever for LifeGroups to meet you where you’re at. We have one- or two-session modules for groups that meet monthly. More ways for newer groups to connect. More resources for older groups to stay engaged and stay together. To get involved, stop at the LifeGroup table at OSL, call the Church Office (336-2942), or contact me (; 336-2942, ext. 44) or Trish Syverson (

Human community is a gift from God. You may not find any dodos or komodo dragons at Our Savior’s, but any time you are here we hope you find the gifts grown only in the garden of human community: belonging, trustworthy friends, and a place where you are loved for how you are different.

August 26, 2018
Avery Katherine Wylie, the daughter of Tyler and Brittney Wylie.

Braxton Arthur Greenwood, the son of Kirk and Heather Greenwood.

Gavin Theodore Eitreim, the son of Andrew and Kayla Eitreim.


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