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In the Bleak Midwinter
Joan Bacon

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and laugh at myself! Like last week when I searched for a sock that went missing shortly after I pulled it (along with its partner) from the sock drawer, only to find that very sock on my right foot! Or like when January’s Stephen Ministry article, in which I anticipated dreary “snow on snow,” came out just in time to greet a sunny January thaw! These incidents demonstrate that I am not well-gifted for 1) playing any game requiring short-term memory or 2) doing any job that requires predicting the future.

But the Bible says that despite our human shortcomings (some laughable, some painfully consequential), we each have God-given gifts to be used to benefit others and glorify God. My New Year’s resolution was this: Be astonished! Be astonished by signs of God’s grace and presence—signs that often come through unexpected people, with unexpected gifts, during unexpected situations. How very much like God to show up, unexpected!

One of the ways God may show up in your life is through a Stephen Minister, with gifts of listening and caring with complete confidentiality. If you could benefit from those gifts during a difficult time, troubling situation, or challenging transition, talk to Pr. Tim Lemme or Deb Harlan in the Church Office (336-2942), or any Stephen Minister. They will match you with a Stephen Minister who will be there for you.

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