OSL Stephen Ministries
Don’t Get Lost – Get Involved
by Chad Mickelson

When my wife, Kimmy, and I joined Our Savior’s approximately 20 years ago, it was done with the full hope that we had discovered a church body comfortable enough for us to feel “at home” but large enough to “get lost” in. A strange paradox. Basically, we kind of wanted to swing in on Sunday, get inspired for the week and sneak out with minimal expectation for involvement.

God had other plans. The opportunities for involvement at OSL are many, and I’ve enjoyed the chance to plug into some obvious passions, such as the Library. I never would have dreamed I’d try my hand at acting as part of the OSL Drama crew, or running a camera for the TV Ministry team. Serving as a Confirmation Mentor was a great way to enjoy a spiritual journey with my kids.

The most challenging way I’ve felt called to serve is through the Stephen Ministry program. Eight OSL members are currently in their final month of the 2020 Stephen Ministry Class. Lift them up in prayer this month—in thankfulness for their willingness to be open to a challenging call and in support for the great work in caring partnerships that awaits them. Serving as a Stephen Minister was also one of my most rewarding experiences over the last 20 years. I use “was,” because Stephen Ministry offers the chance to become inactive and take a break to focus on other callings and commitments as they come along. With an occasional “nudge, but never a push,” from Pr. Tim and others, I’m now slowly working to get back into the mix and become active again in this great program; to see what challenges and rewards might be discovered in the next 20 years.

I pray that you embrace the abundance of opportunities to be involved that Our Savior’s provides. Never allow yourself to “get lost.” Enjoy serving in the roles you are best fitted for. Push yourself to try a role you might never have considered. Revisit some opportunities that might be coming back around for another calling.

For more information regarding the Stephen Ministry program, contact Pr. Tim Lemme (tlemme@oslchurch.com or 336-2942, ext. 19) or Deb Harlan (dharlan@oslchurch.com or 336-2942, ext. 48).

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