What Gives You Peace Today?
Like Jesus’s disciples, we need frequent reminders of God’s peace. So you can remember that God seeks you out to give you peace, find ways to frequently ask yourself, your family, and your LifeGroup this question: “What gives you peace today?”

In all the Gospels, the first time Jesus says, “Peace be with you” is after his resurrection.

Before his death, Jesus sends his followers out in peace. He tells them that they have the power to confer God’s peace on the people they meet, on the houses they enter.

But he doesn’t actually give them his peace until after he has died and risen again.

Then, the stories that follow repeatedly emphasize peace. The gospels and Acts connect new life and peace again and again. Peace is a resurrection experience, a component of new life. What does this mean for us?
It means that turmoil, trouble, stress, busyness–those things that feel like they’re killing us–they are part of our lives in the world. But from our faith, we receive peace that does not fade.

How to use this guide
These days, many working individuals spend significant time on Zoom or other teleconferencing applications. Your group members may not want to participate in more screen time.

Or, if they do, they may find personal conversation and connection more meaningful than following a specific program or in-depth discussion series.

This guide is written with these circumstances in mind. Each week, we provide a few accessible resources; and then questions and activities meant to facilitate your personal connection and your relationship with God.

For each week, you’ll find a study guide for the season of Easter. Each week draws its theme from the story from Acts read in worship the previous Sunday.

First, decide who will join you for this journey. You can use these materials…
● As a family
● For personal devotion and journaling
● With family or friends on the phone or through Zoom/Google Duo/FaceTime (etc)
● With your Our Savior’s LifeGroup Small Group on the phone or through Zoom, etc.

Then just read the selected article or video or podcast episode; discuss the provided questions; and find opportunities for prayer and ideas for serving others.

In addition, you’ll find additional resources:
● A 14-day Quarantine Devotion Guide with selected readings from the psalms, daily prayers, and prayers for entering and exiting quarantine.
● A brief list of resources for getting together with popular video conference call platforms like Zoom
● A brief in-home worship that you can lead in your home or with a group online

Series Summary: God’s Peace in the Year A Scriptures
As we turn to the texts in the Easter story, we should expect then, to find our contemporary experience of God’s peace harmonizing with the experience of God’s people in the biblical witness.

Each week we’ll talk about a different dimension of peace. When we say, “Peace be with you,” it’s more than just a greeting; it’s a relief, a blessing, a reminder, a gift of the Holy Spirit, a visitation of the living Christ.

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