Photo of lefse grillOSL’s Women of the ELCA have decided not to let COVID-19 stop the annual WELCA Lefse Sale! A couple of notes:
• Since in-person lefse-making is not possible, WELCA is looking for people who are willing to make lefse at home and bring it to OSL to be sold the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 21–22. (Pre-orders will be taken—see below—and folks will drive up to receive their orders that weekend.) Lefse-makers will receive specific directions about how to make and package the lefse, and WELCA can provide supplies, if needed. Lefse can be brought to OSL any time before November 21, since it can be frozen if you need to make it early. If you are interested in helping, contact Nancy Krueger, 595-5518 or
• While the lefse-makers are busy, head to this Google Form and place your order now: lefse will be available only by pre-order, and orders will be taken only from November 12 through 19! Lefse will be distributed on Saturday, November 22, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Drive up under the canopy at the south entrance and remain in your car. Please wear a mask, and have exact change or a check made out to OSL-WELCA: a package of three is $6.

Proceeds from the sale will be directed to WELCA’s benevolences and new appliances for the Friendship Room kitchen. Questions? contact Nancy Krueger, 595-5518 or