Pastoral Call Committee
Nomination Form

The Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (OSL) Governing Board has begun the process for the formation of a Pastoral Call Committee and will appoint a facilitator after the committee has been formed. As a member or associate member (**defined below) of Our Savior’s, you have the opportunity to participate by submitting the names of people who are OSL members to be considered for Pastoral Call Committee membership.

**Members of Our Savior’s shall be baptized persons on the roll of this congregation who have declared and maintain their membership in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and bylaws of the congregation.

**Associate members are persons holding membership in other Christian congregations who wish to retain such membership but desire to participate in the life and mission of this congregation. These individuals have all the privileges and duties of membership except voting rights or other rights and privileges ascribed to voting members by the provisions of the constitution and bylaws.

The name you submit will be considered by the Governing Board as it engages in the work of discerning gifts and graces needed to accomplish the spiritual journey of the Pastoral Call Committee.

The Governing Board will consider all names submitted while maintaining commitment to equity, age representation, and specific ministry insights, and will not be limited to the nominations that are submitted.

Persons agreeing to be nominated will be interviewed by the Governing Board to assist them in crafting a Pastoral Call Committee best suited for this important role.

A nominee should be able to:
a. make a 5-7+ month commitment to the work of the committee.

b. commit to a minimum of 2 meetings monthly which will be scheduled at times workable for the majority of committee members. Attendance at these meetings is vital. Remote access to meetings will be available.

c. understand and honor the ethic of professional confidentiality.

d. engage in the spiritual development of trust, mutual respect, and decision-making within the Pastoral Call Committee, reflective of a servant heart.

e. read, honor, and understand the information received in the Ministry Site Profile, the Transition Task Force Final Report, and the Rostered Leader Profile sent to the committee by the South Dakota Synod Office of the ELCA.

f. consider traveling as a subgroup to final candidates’ present locations.

To nominate yourself or another to be considered as a member of the Pastoral Call Committee, click the button below to download the nomination form. Nomination forms should be turned in to the OSL Church Office, attention OSL Congregational President Shawn Pritchett, 909 W. 33rd St., Sioux Falls SD 57104, by April 29, 2024, OR email the form(s) directly to Shawn Pritchett,