Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Foundation

About the Foundation

The Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Foundation was started years ago for the purpose of supporting the ministry of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. The Foundation has three distinct functions: Gathering assets, managing assets, and making distributions to serve OSL.

The Foundation board works diligently to establish policies and procedures about investment management and then monitors the progress and performance of the established guidelines.

Each year the board evaluates requests that reflect current needs of Our Savior’s, and available funds are distributed to fulfill those requests. You may pick up an annual report of the Foundation in the Church Office to track the variety and importance of those distributions.

The Foundation gathers and grows assets in numerous ways, but in the end it is the generosity of members and friends of OSL that is the key to long-term success in that area. The Foundation manages approximately $3 million, which has grown over the years because members have been active stewards. Some gifts come in the form of memorials and some in the form of donations, but most of the growth of the Foundation’s assets has come through legacy gifts. Legacy gifts involve a process in which members ask themselves a series of questions to determine the ultimate purpose of their financial plan. It is often a simple process but not necessarily easy to navigate, and so the Foundation has engaged the services of Jon Oien to assist members in this process. If you have contemplated ways to make a lasting impact on the mission of your church home, contact Jon, 605-212- 5261 or joien@sio.midco.net, with your questions or to set up an appointment. Or you may contact the Church Office, 336-2942, for assistance.

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Foundation Jubilee Society Members

Donald and Sarah Abbas
Selma Ahrendt*
Loren* and Mavis Amundson
Charles and Sonja Anderson
Sue Anderson*
Joan Bakke*
Charles* L. and Elizabeth* Balcer
Gerald and Brenda Beninga
Verna Berg*
Jerome and Susan Blake
Steve and Karen Bonte
Allison Boyd
Scott and Beth Boyens
Lyle* and Othello* Christensen
Steven Christianson
James* and Judy Dedrickson
Conrad and Helen Dice
Verna Driveness*
Norm and Clarice* Eitrheim
Deloris Elgethun*
Bob* and Rita Elmen*
Brian and Gail Ensberg
Dorence* and Sally Ensberg
Randy and Joan Fink
Jerald and Jill Franken
Jon and Jana Gadbury
Dennis and Pam Hanneman
Bruce* and Wendy Hasche
Susan Hauff
David and Joan Haugen
Patty Haugen
Dennis and Patsy Holzwarth
Don* and Gayle Hooper
Harriet Hybertson
Ken and Laurice Iseminger
Dennis and Janelle Jarabek
Don* and Leora* Jensen
Ralph and Lavonne Johnshoy
James* and Berniece* Kopperud
Dale and Sharon Krause
Richard and Gloria Landborg
Elvira Larson*
Leroy* and Jorene* Larson
Don and Sharon Lehmann
Grace Lindroth*
Dennis and Anne McFarland
Dean and Debbie Mertz
Deb Merxbauer
Marsha Millage
Marie Muchow*
Robert Nanson*
David Neiman
Jim and Carol Oakland
Jon and Julie Oien
Oscar* and Elsie* Oksol
Betty Oldenkamp
Arthur* and Ruth Olsen
Robert* and Berniece* Olson
Mike and Deborah Olson
Louis* and Joyce* Profilet
Orley and Viva Rath
Roy Rogers and Jan Haugen-Rogers
Ron and Martha Rossing
Conley and Paula Ruud
Rosalie Ryan
Marcella Schlicht*
Steve and MaryAnn Sherman
Vi Sinning*
Brian and Betsy Sittig
Elmer and Joy Smolnisky
Ellen Smook
Darrell Svendsen*
Les and Carolyn Svendsen
Bob and Joan Thimjon
Aryln and Jeanine Thomas
Don and Marie Thompson
Jerel and Nancy Tieszen
Carl* and Charlotte* Van De Waa
Dan and Margretta Van Schepen
Eileen Ward
Roger White
Dick* and Donna Wilson
Dale and Judy Winter

(* – Deceased member)

OSLC Foundation Notes – February 2020

The Multiplier Effect
A recent trip to the Black Hills included an invigorating hike to the top of Black Elk Peak. The temperature was rather mild for early January, however steady winds in the 40 mph range, gusting to the mid 50s, didn’t allow ample time to survey the incredible 360-degree views. On the way down I recalled the first time I ventured up the then Harney Peak, in 1972. The hike was with an OSL youth group and part of a week-long camping experience at Ft. Courage (part of Atlantic Mountain Ranch). Not really thinking about the long-term effect of that hike at the time, I now somewhat grasp the multiplier effect as a result of the outing: two of those hikers became integral to my future and remain close friends today.

The following is a list of people who have given to the OSLC Foundation since September 1. In 2019, more than 100 made gifts to the Foundation. Each of those gifts have the same multiplier effect as the recent hike. When gifts are made they honor our loved ones. Those gifts also help us with the grieving process as we recall and cherish memories as we press on without them. The monetary support serves the OSL congregation for years and years, sometimes seen, sometimes unseen.

It is important for you to know that your gifts are greatly appreciated and stewarded with the utmost care by the OSLC Foundation board. Please contact me, joien@sio.midco.net, and together we can talk about your multipliers.

Gifts to the OSLC Foundation Endowment
Ralph and LaVonne Johnshoy
Donald and Sarah Abbas
Robert and Rita Elmen Foundation
Dan and Margretta Van Schepen

In Honor of Pauline Nelson’s Birthday
Curtis and Elaine Sandvall

In Memory of Charles Dawdy
Don and Sharon Lehmann

In Memory of Ed Sessler
Leslie and Carolyn Svendsen

In Memory of Charles Kinnunen
Darlene Kinnunen
Lloyd and Donna Knutson
Marsha Millage
Jim and Rosalie Ryan

In Memory of Stella Curry
Robert and Joan Thimjon
Jim and Rosalie Ryan
Dorothy and Brian Peterson
Curtis and Elaine Sandvall
Dennis and Pamela Hanneman

In Memory of LeRoy Schriever
Dorothy and Brian Peterson

In Memory of Jeff Hazard
Leslie and Carolyn Svendsen


In Memory of Lois Ahrendt
Ruth Olsen
Beverly Petersen
Alan and Arlys Stanga
Bruce and Wendy Hasche
Richard and Gloria Landborg
Rita Elmen
Jim and Leann Kvernes

In Memory of Don Pearson
Beverly Budahl
Ruth Olsen
Richard and Gloria Landborg
Curtis and Elaine Sandvall

In Memory of Bev Miller
Ronald and Martha Rossing
Jon and Julie Oien
Phyllis Harmsen
Ronald and Anne Larson

In Memory of Mandeline Gaede
Robert and Joan Thimjon

In Memory of Norma Joyce
Conrad and Helen Dice

In Memory of Rita Elmen
Ronald and Martha Rossing
Jackie and Howard Wickett
Conrad and Helen Dice
Donald and Coryill Weeg
James and Carol Oakland

OSLC Foundation Notes – October 2019

Memorials and Gifts
to the OSLC Foundation

In Memory of Marilyn Green
Janiece Peterson
Jan Haugen-Rogers and Roy Rogers
Patty Haugen

In Memory of Robert Binger
Lloyd and Donna Knutson

In Memory of Ione Svendsen
Jon and Julie Oien
Harriet Hybertson
Robert and Joan Thimjon
Stanley and Ruby Hippe
Jim and Rosalie Ryan
Tim and JoAnn Lemme
Gerald and Brenda Beninga
Debra Merxbauer
Barbara Haugan
Donald and Sharon Lehmann
Gayle Hooper
Ronald Hybertson
Ronald and Martha Rossing
James and Carol Oakland
Ruth Olsen
George and Lynda Lee
Dave and Lori Treiber
Lowell and Sally Almen
Donald and Sarah Abbas
Patricia Lanoue
Sara Anne Ensberg
Dean and Jeanmarie Wellnitz
R. D. and Mary Eisenbraun
Henry and Janelle Hoffman

In Memory of Stella Curry
Gayle Hooper
Steven and Susan Hauff
Willis and Gail Hanna
Don and Sharon Lehmann

In Memory of Gudrun Peterson
Jim and Rosalie Ryan

In Memory of Mandeline Gaede
Marsha Millage
James and Carol Oakland
Jim and Rosalie Ryan
Don and Sharon Lehmann

In Honor of Don Lehmann’s Birthday
Curtis and Elaine Sandvall

Thanks to all who give to the Our Savior’s Foundation. Your gifts are meaningful to the families who grieve the loss of a loved one. Just the same, those who give have a sense of relief as they share in that journey. When a gift is given to honor a birthday or anniversary, joy is multiplied all around. These gifts are added to the Foundation’s endowment and they assist in building the amount contributed back the OSL mission each year. With gratitude we again say thanks.Memorial cards may be found at the Information Center in The Gathering Place or in the Church Office. If you wish to discuss memorials further, contact me, Jon Oien, joien@sio.midco.net. Thank you!

OSLC Foundation Notes – September 2019

Permanent Markers?
Not so fast. Pun intended.

Indelible ink? For how long?

The roads at the Seven Hills of Rome are only 3,000 years old. Ancient Lake Agassiz (think North Dakota flat) dates back 12,875 years. A recent discovery in the Hell Creek formation of a Triceratops (named Alice) boggles the mind: Alice is 65 million years old.

Consistent with the thought of lasting impressions, let’s go back to 1946 and the birth of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Try to imagine all the events that have taken place since. We would discover that numerous weddings, baptisms, confirmations, and funerals all have filled the rooms, hallways, and worship spaces of OSL with joys and sorrows and new beginnings. Can we even imagine all the cups of coffee consumed in the various meeting rooms and Fellowship Hall?

Recalling those landmarks in our lives can give us a boost for the days ahead. Anticipating the promises brought about each day pulls us ahead in the same way.

The work of Our Savior’s Foundation mirrors that same view. We remember the past, live in the present, and plan for the future. We gain confidence when we reflect where we’ve been, know where we are, and anticipate where we are going. Hmmm…in a way, like a permanent marker!

This is my invitation to you to visit further about what all this reflection might mean for you. Reach me, Jon Oien, at Jon Oien, at 212-5261 or joien@sio.midco.net. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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