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Loren and Mavis Amundson
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Charles L. and Elizabeth Balcer
Gerald and Brenda Beninga
Verna Berg
Allison Boyd
Scott and Beth Boyens
Lyle and Othella Christensen
Verna Driveness
Norm and Clarice Eitrheim
Deloris Elgethun
Brian and Gail Ensberg
Dennis and Pam Hanneman
Denny and Patsy Holzwarth
Don and Gayle Hooper
Ken Iseminger
Denny and Janelle Jarabek
James and Berniece Kopperud*
Richard and Gloria Landborg
Elvira Larson
Leroy and Jorene Larson

Don and Sharon Lehmann
Grace E. Lindroth
Dennis and Anne McFarland
Deb Merxbauer
Marie Muchow
Robert Nanson
Jim and Carol Oakland
Jon and Julie Oien
Oscar and Elsie Oksol
Arthur* and Ruth Olsen
Berniece and Robert* Olson
Lou* and Joyce Profilet
Orley and Viva Rath
Ron and Martha Rossing
Steve and MaryAnn Sherman
Vi Sinning
Joy and Elmer
Ellen Smook
Bob and Joan Thimjon
Arlette Villaume

Foundation Notes – July 2015

A Conversation with Former South Dakota Synod Bishop Norm Eitrheim
Tell us about the beginnings of the Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Foundation.
The history goes back further than my connection with the Foundation. I was asked to serve on the board by Jim Dedrickson. There was a need for a foundation, and a study done by an independent consultant confirmed the validity of the idea. The aging of members was also a key aspect of the decision to create the foundation.

What has been the greatest accomplishment of the Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Foundation?
I think the initial study was a great step forward. Since then, I think having two part-time staff members to assist the board was a great accomplishment. The staff will help to be a net to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. The OSLCF has been a well-kept secret that should be made known. Members’ gifts will live on in perpetuity, and that is a powerful notion. If members understand the difference between current giving to OSLC and planned giving to OSLCF, they will see the benefits of both supporting this congregation today and forever.

Where does the OSLCF go from here and what should it accomplish?
I hope that the Foundation will be a support for ministries that the church cannot afford to support. Growing ministries is the best way to keep the church alive. The life of the church is connected to the growth that comes with new and the renewed ministries—it has to be more than just supporting the physical plant. The OSLCF must educate members about the need for the Foundation and help members to understand how their gifts will be used forever.

Exciting news from the Our Savior’s Lutheran Foundation
The OSLCF will host its first Jubilee Society event on Sunday, November 1. This will be a gathering to thank donors who have made legacy gifts to the Foundation. Lunch and a short program will begin at 12:15. Invitations will be sent in early autumn for this inaugural gathering.

Perhaps you are among the members of Our Savior’s who have included the church in your estate plans but the Foundation doesn’t know about it yet. If so, we want to thank you and recognize you at this celebration. Contact Jon Oien, joien@sio.midco.net or 212-5261, so you can be included as a Jubilee Society member!

Foundation Notes – April 2014

The Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Foundation was started years ago for the purpose of supporting the ministry of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. (Nothing like stating the obvious!) The Foundation has three distinct functions: Gathering assets, managing assets, and making distributions to serve OSL. The Foundation board works diligently to establish policies and procedures about investment management and then monitors the progress and performance of the established guidelines. Each year the board evaluates requests that reflect current needs of Our Savior’s, and available funds are distributed to fulfill those requests. You may pick up an annual report of the Foundation in the Church Office to track the variety and importance of those distributions.

The Foundation gathers and grows assets in numerous ways, but in the end it is the generosity of members and friends of OSL that is the key to long-term success in that area. The Foundation manages approximately $2.3 million, which has grown over the years because members have been active stewards. Some gifts come in the form of memorials and some in the form of donations, but most of the growth of the Foundation’s assets has come through legacy gifts. Legacy gifts involve a process in which members ask themselves a series of questions to determine the ultimate purpose of their financial plan. It is often a simple process but not necessarily easy to navigate, and so the Foundation has engaged the services of Jon Oien to assist members in this process. If you have contemplated ways to make a lasting impact on the mission of your church home, contact Jon, 605-212- 5261 or joien@sio.midco.net, with your questions or to set up an appointment. Jon suggests a quick review of ELW hymn 798 as a good preparation. Answer the questions in that hymn, then let the conversation begin!

—Allison Boyd, Vice Chair

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